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The Health Score is a scientifically calculated parameter represented by a number which provides you with stars from 1 to 5. DeepH measures your health using the DeepH Health Score, motivating you to actively manage your health and wellbeing easily.

Your well-being is compromised. Please use the DeepH application to see how you can improve your health and lifestyle.

Your fitness could be improved considerably. Please see the DeepH app for more help and information.

You are doing well, but there are areas you can improve your parameters. Please see the DeepH app to view the areas you should work on.

You are doing really well. Keep going!

Congratulations! You are in great shape. Keep up the good work.

Health is invisible and therefore, the DeepH health score aims to capture and measure health and wellness and make it visible. The basic premise of the DeepH health scoring is that what you can measure, you can manage. If you can measure health and wellness well enough as an indicator, then you can start working with it. None of the available health scores provide a medical diagnosis. They are only used by lifestyle-products where the health score is used as an indicator to help you to work with it.

We collect data about how you sleep, how many steps you take, how active you are and for how long, your blood pressure, meditation time, number of cigarettes you’ve smoked and much more. DeepH’ algorithm calculates the number based on the data collected, which represents your current status. When tracked over time, it offers a good directional indicator of how your health is evolving and which area of your lifestyle you have to get under control or improve.

DeepH uses dynamic and ongoing data, recorded and tracked by your fitness/activity trackers or smartphone applications.

We get data from users' smartphones, Google Fit, Apple Health or from direct integration with Fitbit tracker; the best fitness tracker on the market according to market research.

In the past, available information was limited and lifestyle adjustments were largely made only once a health problem was detected, and even then it was under the guidance of healthcare professionals. Today, due partly to the availability of electronic mass media, there is a growing trend for people to maintain their health on their own terms. This shift in attitudes could have wider implications for both public health and individual companies. Improved health would logically lead to reduced healthcare costs and an increase in workplace productivity DeepH  aims to help you take control of your own health and well-being.

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