How DeepH app works?

DeepH - Health Monitoring Application

An Innovative Approach to Tracking Your Health

Collect all your health data from different sources using your individual DeepH profile.

The DeepH app helps you to become more active and live a healthier and happier life.

With the DeepH app, you can discover how healthy you are by collecting data from your daily activities. You can build a personal profile and get all of your health and fitness information in one place. From this, you will be able to estimate the overall status of your well-being and use it to improve your DeepH score.

If you’re already using fitness apps, then DeepH can collect the data from your various devices and store it all in one place. DeepH collects data from Google Fit on Android, Apple Health on iPhones and other medical devices and health and fitness tracker apps. DeepH also provides direct integration with FitBit fitness tracker. Once collected, DeepH will analyse your data and give you your results.

With the DeepH Health Monitoring App you can:

- get immediate feedback on your activity level, workout intensity, sleep duration and resting heart rate according to your age group.

- control your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, while keeping all of your records in your DeepH profile.

- get your DeepH Health Score so you can begin to understand your well-being status.

- quit or reduce the amount you smoke with the DeepH health monitoring app.

- meditate with DeepH’s Authentic Meditation created by Amazonian shamans specifically for DeepH.

- track your meditation time using other meditation apps connected to your Google Fit or Apple Health.

- get regular feedback from DeepH along with useful health tips and facts.

- discover the benefits of following a healthy lifestyle that suits you and your needs.

Become the best version of yourself and stay healthy and happy with DeepH.