Health Tracking

You can get all of your activity, fitness and health data from different sources in one DeepH profile to get feedback, Energy Level Estimation and personal recommendations on your lifestyle. 1. The DeepH App can be easily connected with the Fitbit app which will help you get more information about your activity, vitals and other parameters, immediate feedback and your Energy Level. 2.DeepH can also be connected with your
  • Apple Health App for IOS,
  • Google Fit App for Android (the Google Fit App has to be installed on your smartphone)
3. With DeepH you can manually add weight, meditation time, workouts, sleep, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and the amount of cigarettes you smoke to your activity data and use the information to improve your lifestyle. 4. If you prefer not to connect any tracking apps and devices, you can allow the DeepH app to count your steps only, and add other data manually to keep your lifestyle on track.