Connect DeepH with your other devices

DeepH offers direct integration with Fitbit, the most advanced fitness tracker ever – Fitbit is a water-resistant wristband with list of exercise modes, seven-day battery and insights you can use to improve.  See here.


DeepH App can be easily connected with the Fitbit app which will help you to get more information about your health, immediate feedback and your DeepH Health Score.


Fitbit motivates you to reach your health and fitness goals by tracking your activity, exercise, sleep, weight and more. With DeepH you can add meditation, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and the amount you smoke to your activity data and use the information to improve your lifestyle. DeepH is the best APP to keep all your health data in one place.


How to connect with Fitness trackers or medical devices

1. Connect the DeepH app with your Fitbit tracker.

2. Or connect the DeepH health monitoring app with Google Fit for Android or Apple Health for IOS apps if you use other fitness tracker or  medical device.

3.Get all of your activity, fitness and health data from different sources: smartphone, Google Fit, fitness trackers, medical devices and other health and fitness tracker apps for in one DeepH profile. All your data will be saved and analysed in your DeepH profile.

4. Get immediate feedback on activity level, workout intensity, sleep duration and resting heart rate, according to your age group.

5. Control your blood pressure and blood sugar levels and keep your records in your DeepH profile.

6. Get your wellbeing DeepH health score to understand your wellbeing status.

7. Quit or reduce smoking with the DeepH health monitoring app.

8. Meditate with DeepH Authentic Meditation created by Amazonian shamans specifically for DeepH.

9. You can also use other meditation apps connected to your Google Fit or Apple Health Meditation and DeepH will track your meditation time.

10. Get DeepH health tips and facts.

11. Follow a healthy lifestyle that suits you and your needs.