Energy Levels

When vital energy flows freely and unrestrictedly throughout the body,
there is physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. Low energy
and fatigue are symptoms of bad habits and negative lifestyle factors that
you can control. If this is the case, you can switch some of your unhealthy
habits to healthier ones and increase the amount of energy you have each

Energy Level is a real-time indicator of your well-being, mental balance
and vitality represented metaphorically by a “growing flower” which
provides you with different energy level estimation from “critically low” to
“very high” based on your data analyses.

Your mood, physical activity, and stress level are the main contributing
factors to your energy levels. Track your workouts, weight, activity, sleep,
mood, meditation time and watch your energy flourishing.

Get aware of how your energy level changes with your lifestyle. See your
energy growing.

Critically Low

Your Energy Level is critically low. Your well-being is compromised.
Please use the DeepH application to see how you can improve your lifestyle.


Your energy and well being could be improved considerably.
Please consult the DeepH app for more help and information.


You are doing really well, but there are areas you can increase your well-
being even more. Please see the DeepH app to view the areas you should
work on.


You are doing really great . Keep going!

Very High

Congratulations! You are in great shape. Your energy is Sky-High.

None of the available measurements provide a medical diagnosis. They
are only used by lifestyle-products where the energy level is used as an
indicator to help you to work with it.