Understand your Energy Level.

When vital energy flows freely and unrestrictedly throughout the body, there is physical, mental, emotional health and wellbeing. You become more resilient to stress, your energy levels rise, along with your inspiration, creativity, and intuition.

The DeepH team, in collaboration with doctors, meditators, spiritual practitioners and mathematicians, have created an algorithm which analyses your activity, vitals, meditation time, mood and health parameters and provides you with a DeepH Energy Level - a real-time indicator of your well-being, mental balance and vitality.

Become aware of how your energy level changes with your lifestyle. See your energy growing.

Critically Low

Your well-being is compromised and energy level is critically low.


Your well-being could be improved considerably.


You are doing well, but there are areas where you can improve your parameters and feel even more energised.


You are doing really well. Keep going!