You have the Power to Transform your Life.

DeepH is an easy personalized guide to healthy and happy living.

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You have the Power to Transform your Life.

Understand Your Energy Level

Become aware of how your energy level changes with your lifestyle. See your energy growing.

Track Your Physical and Mental Health

Build a personal profile and get all of your health and fitness information in one place. Track your mood and energy level.

Get Feedback

Get immediate feedback and personal recommendations on your activity level, workout intensity, sleep duration and resting heart rate according to your age group.

Cosmic Meditations

Access meditative states, cultivate deep sleep and relaxation, reduce anxiety and inspire personal growth through the transformative power of sound with our unique DeepH Healing meditations.

DeepH Blog

Explore new ideas. The DeepH blog is devoted to physical health, mental health, happiness, consciousness, energy, spirit and collective evolution.

More Features

Calories, Weight and Nutrition Control

See the number of calories you burn daily and get additional health tips and personal recommendations about calories, weight and nutrition.

Track activity even without fitness tracker

Monitor and track your daily activity, workouts, vitals and health parameters even without a fitness tracker. You can manually add data about your lifestyle.

Combine data from different sources

Become more active and live a healthier and happier life. Collect all your health data from different sources using your individual DeepH profile.