Biohacking For Beginners


Biohacking is about changing the way your body looks, feels and functions so that you can better reach your fitness and health goals.


Biohacking is essentially the practice of changing our chemistry and our physiology through science and self-experimentation. It’s a broad definition, but that’s also because the idea of ‘biohacking’ is constantly evolving. It can be as simple as implementing lifestyle and dietary changes that improve how your body functions. It can be as uncomplicated as wearing technology that helps you monitor and regulate physiological data, or it can be as extreme as using implant technology and genetic engineering.

Since the dawn of civilisation, people have tried to find new ways of improving their health, athletic abilities, memory, and cognitive performance.

Professional sportsmen and women are continually improving their bodies’ athletic abilities. Researchers and scientists have been pushing the boundaries of human intelligence for hundreds of years. Meditators have been exploring their own minds and bodies for thousands of years! However, the term ‘biohacking’, which describes many of the activities above, is a relatively new one.

Here are some biohacking techniques for beginners that you can implement in your daily routine.


Track your Yourself

Start measuring and managing your health to create a deeper understanding of yourself through numbers. There are tons of ways you can do this. At a beginner’s level, you can start by measuring your food intake and then see what impact it is having on your physical performance or mood.

Start by maintaining a food journal and tracking your workouts. It is recommended that you opt for an area you are already proficient in such as weight-lifting, running, etc. and then find a tracking app to document it. What gets measured, gets managed and using data you’ll be able to “hack” your health.



Eliminate inflammatory foods

A huge source of disharmony in the body comes from consuming inflammatory, low energy foods. Some foods are worse than others but try to cut back on a few of the well-known instigators, such as:


Fried foods

Refined flour

Saturated Fats


Intermittent Fasting

By skipping certain meals and eating meals at the same time each day, your body is likely to burn more calories. When fasting, your body utilises fat storage to create energy, since you have not recently consumed a meal, that fat will be broken down for energy.


Track your Sleep Pattern

Use apps to track your sleep patterns. Take the time to understand and interpret your sleep pattern. Don’t forget to add conditions such as a night out or late night project. Studying and understanding your sleep pattern will help you figure out ways to maximise your sleep. It’s no secret that a good night’s rest prepares the body for the next day.



Meditation can be difficult, but it is a free biohack that has excellent benefits, even if it’s for only 10mins a day. Meditation can reduce stress and be calming and beneficial for mental acuity.

If you take supplements, meditate, wear a fitness tracker, use a health app or even just sprinkle flaxseed on your porridge, you are to some degree “hacking” your health.

The possibilities are endless, but they are all rooted in the idea that we can change our bodies and our brains, and that by doing so, we can ultimately become smarter, faster and better as human beings.


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