Innovative DeepH APP to become your best self


Being healthy is a new cool. Moreover, it is also becoming increasingly important, if you are thinking about saving your family budget and spending it on far more pleasant things and activities than hospitals, medicine and constantly growing health insurance costs. So, being healthy is also a social and personal responsibility.


With an intense lifestyle that we lead, managing our health tasks at hand and habbits might be challenging. When is the time for the next check up? What vitamins should I consider taking in my part of the world in, let’s say, October? What is the state of my emotional health and how does it influence me? When one app tells you about your sleep, another urges you to drink enough water daily and yet another one bothers you to find time for those five minutes of breathing, managing your health can prove to be a stressful task by itself.



Picture with DeepH interface — Home page

Meet DeepH — a new innovative app which combines your vitals and health data from tracker with the manually entered information, and

– gives you a more complete picture of your health

– monitors your blood pressure and blood sugar

– helps you track your colds, headaches and other complaints

– estimates and predicts health risks

– provides you with important health facts and tips

– takes care about your emotional health and nutrition

– gives you rewards for the achieved goals set by yourself and even

  • optionally gives you better health insurance offers, if you’d like to save on these huge costs. And you can share this data with your doctor or a family member too!


Picture with DeepH interface — Sleep

Granting DeepH app access to the information from the Apple Health or Google Fit on your smarphone will enable you to receive the full picture about your health. In its simple and extremely user-friendly interface you will be able to deeper engage in tracking and managing your overall well-being, following simple daily steps and turning them into monthly achievements, as well as receive actual rewards. All that is aimed at helping you to form healthier habbits and reduce risk of chronic illness.


Picture with DeepH interface — Steps

Controlling your various parameters you can track your wellbeing and focus on taking preventive measures rather than facing the problem when it knocks on your door. Moreover, with DeepH you will be able to pay more attention to such vital aspects of your daily existence as mindfulness, relaxation and emotional balance. Learn more about DeepH and live a healthier and happier life!


DeepH team