5 Ways Technology is Improving Your Health


Technology is everywhere, and the argument that we can live without it should be ended once and for all. Whether an individual is up-to-date with the latest technology or not, it is virtually impossible to find people who are cut off from technology altogether.


Technology has transformed many industries, and the healthcare industry is one of them. From x-ray machines to MRI and CT scanners, technology is everywhere and is being used daily. Of course, medical technology isn’t just used in hospitals. It’s also used in doctors’ offices and in people’s homes to prolong and improve the lives of those in need of round-the-clock care.


Here are some examples of how technology is helping people in their daily lives:


Electronic Health Records

In the past, hospitals had disparate information systems that were clumsy in their ability to share and transfer patient records. With the advent of Electronic Health Records, many systems have become better connected, allowing for information to be transferred more effectively and, in turn, creating a more integrated and efficient care system.



Telemedicine refers to methods of advancing healthcare based on telecommunications technologies. There are several reasons telehealth is becoming more popular and successful. First, in rural areas where access to hospitals and other health-related services are lacking, patients can use their computers to meet with a doctor virtually. Secondly, the cost benefits associated with telehealth are substantial.


Remote Monitoring Tools

When patients monitor their health at home, they can save money and reduce unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office. Pacemakers for patients with heart disease can automatically send data to remote health centres. This is great for patients with chronic illnesses as these tools can allow systems and doctors to monitor a patient’s health from a distance.


Wearable Technology

The wearable medical device market is growing rapidly. These devices collect data, which helps doctors and patients alike monitor and assess the health of the wearer.

In addition to devices that alert authorities about serious medical issues, wearables like wristbands and watches, that allow users to take an active role in their health, are becoming more popular. According to the Huffington Post, by 2018, an expected 130 million wearable devices will have been shipped to consumers.


Health Apps

Downloadable software can provide education and motivation, helping you to move in a healthier direction.

These digital tools can help you monitor your physical activity, vitals, activity level, meditation time, and keep track of your blood pressure and other personal data.

The technological advances in the medical field have allowed for many life-saving procedures to become commonplace. Just the thought of being able to interact with your doctor virtually, from hundreds or even thousands of miles away, would have been difficult to believe a few decades ago. From remote monitoring tools and wearable medical technology to the sequencing of genomes, technology really is improving health at a rapid pace.


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