Dead Food VS Alive Food


Listen to “Dead Food VS Alive Food”.

“Dead food” is the newest title given to food that has had the life packaged, preserved, or cooked out of it, to the point where it has become sadly void of virtually all nutritional value. “Dead food” refers to processed food or food without nutrients. It is called dead because it has been refined to a point that it is bereft of minerals, vitamins, and fibers. 

Processed food: Prepared items top this list: frozen meals, snacks, desserts. And weird stuff like ketchup.

Fast food: Think of your beloved french fries, cheeseburgers, milk shakes, griddle cakes and anything else that can be fried.

Filler: This is everything we’re taught to love: bread, white rice, white pasta, sugar, chips, soft drinks.

All the synthetic snack foods, cereals, chips and even meat are considered dead energy and dead food

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These types of foods are not foods!!! Rather they are a series of synthetically derived ingredients that are mixed together into something that tastes OK, has a long shelf life and actually does more harm than good to our health. In recent times these health depriving “foods” have become quite popular and often a staple in the Standard Western Diet. As such, we have seen an incredible rise in modern diseases like diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases, infertility, cancer and more.

 If we are eating dead food, we will not get energy to fill our life-force and make us vibrant. A small change we can make is to eat live food that is full of energy. Switch to food which is “alive”.

Alive foods occur naturally in nature. Fruits and vegetables are full of energy. They top the list of energy-filled foods.

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 Live foods are foods that are consumed fresh, raw and/or in a condition as close as possible to their original, vibrant, living state. The basic idea behind all live foods is retaining the very best that natural foods have to offer, including live enzymes, antioxidants and other nutrients.

Consider the difference between crisp red apples and beige, jarred applesauce; between green, ripe avocados and grayish, reconstituted guacamole dip; between a piece of salmon sashimi and a frozen fish stick; between sweet corn on the cob and a box of cornflakes. You get the picture.

Alive foods will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function optimally.Proper nourishment from “alive” foods and is one of the cornerstones to optimal health. This type of food contributes not just your overall state of health—but to your longevity. When you consume foods that deliver the nutrients your body needs in an easy to digest form that your body can efficiently utilize—your health will thrive and you’ll feel amazing too!.

It’s important to take a common-sense approach when shifting your diet toward living foods. To avoid a massive, sudden detox and potential withdrawal symptoms (which could lead to an unhealthy junk-food binge), be sure to wean yourself from your regular diet gradually as you incorporate more live foods into each meal. 

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