How to Live Consciously and Help the Planet


Listen to “How to Live Consciously and Help the Planet”.

“The only real solution to conserve nature is to create a Conscious Planet, that is every one of us is a Conscious existence.” – Sadhguru

Philosophers and scientists have been at war for decades over the question of what makes human beings more than complex robots. Some argue that the problem marks the boundary of what we currently know and what science will explain in the future.

Scientists are now discovering that everything in the Universe vibrates at one frequency or another, including human beings. Think of your heartbeat, breathing, cycles of waking and sleeping. These are all vibrations. All things vibrate differently, so we may not be able to sense the vibrations of a rock or a tree as easily as we can feel the natural rhythms of other creatures similar to us, for example, the heartbeat of a dog, the pace of a galloping horse, or the buzz of a bee. All things in our Universe are constantly in motion, vibrating. 

In modern culture, we are not taught to hone the senses that can detect this type of energy, and so, for most of us, it goes unnoticed. But if we stop and think for a minute, we can begin to recognize the ebb and flow of the natural world around us. Flowers that open and close, cycles of birth and death, the tides, the migration of birds, weather patterns cycling from Sun to rain and back to Sun, the seasons, the orbit of the Earth around the Sun, even the expansion and contraction of the Universe. All of these are vibrations on smaller or larger scales. As such, at every scale, all of nature vibrates.

Our way of thinking about life influences our perception of the world around us. False priorities can act like blinkers and make us overlook the ever-present beauty of the Universe, which can be our greatest source of energy and inspiration.

We don’t understand the mystery of life, and there is no answer to the fundamental questions about who we are, where we’re going, thanks to a global economy driven by wealth and greed. However, it is evident that humans are destroying the environment and with it the natural balance of give-and-take between man and nature.

The Connection Between Human and Planetary Health

Listen to “The Connection Between Human and Planetary Health”. Human activities have profoundly altered our beautiful planet. Climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, land-use changes, and disrupted water cycles, nitrogen, and phosphorus, to name just a few. Our actions have a massive impact on the planet and have far-reaching implications for human health, particularly on the most vulnerable.

We are a whole, made up of emotions, a mind, a body, our relationships, and the environment we inhabit. Therefore, let’s invest time and willpower into taking care of ourselves and the planet a little better. 

Here are some strategies which can help you grow towards conscious living:

Ecological Living

Implementing small habits into your everyday life will help you live a more environmentally friendly and healthier lifestyle. As individuals, we can set in motion new sustainable consumption patterns and help create markets for clean, efficient technologies. 

To live more ecologically, you must eat less meat, walk, cycle, and use public transportation whenever possible. Not only will you be healthier and help to preserve precious energy resources, but you’ll also save money. 

We should also cut down our consumption of wasteful resources which harm the environment by recycling and reusing products, saving water, and buying less.

Inner work towards happiness and peace of mind 

Meditation is the ultimate gateway to our life force. Meditation opens all the closed inner gates in the spine and brain that bring power to your body, mind and soul. 

When you meditate, your body becomes filled with the life energy that is present in the ether. Meditation is the turning on of the inner switch that supplies the body with this divine flow of energy. 

A positive and appreciative mindset enables us to harvest that energy to fuel our inner space and retain wellbeing.

How the Outside World is a Reflection of Our Internal State of Mind

Listen to “How the Outside World is a Reflection of Our Internal State of Mind”. If you look at the state of the world today, everything is suffering: humans, plants, animals, forests, rivers, and oceans are all in danger. The rate of harm has accelerated significantly in the last century, and now threatens the ecosystem’s health and life itself.

Health and wellbeing as social responsibility

Being healthy is a lifestyle and not a one size fits all approach. Your health and wellness are your biggest assets for fuelling energy, focus, and the quality of life in everything you do. 

We can reframe our understanding of health and wellness. We can become more self-aware of our bodies and, in doing so, can learn about different ways of addressing our health and wellness concerns. We can shift how we think about them. We can educate ourselves about the appropriate actions we can take to impact our health in positive ways. Consciously choosing to take those actions is empowering. 

Prevention is the key to any health condition, and it all starts by living a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you are moving every day and eating a diet that is full of whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains. Your body will thank you later! 

A healthier population will lead to lower healthcare costs. Perhaps the simplest way to reduce healthcare costs is to promote a healthier lifestyle among the population.