Earth is an Ecosystem Which is Sick and So are We!

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Look around you at the news on social network feeds. It’s filled with stories of murders, violence and insane presidents and dictators who are frightening the world with dangerous behaviour and nuclear weapons or calling for walls to be built between countries. Alongside this, we see the revival of Nazi parties, even in the most developed and prosperous countries in the world. Surely this lesson must have already been learned? An impending ecological catastrophe and it is already becoming less clear where to find food without poison  if all the water and soil is poisoned too. In some countries, people even have to walk in protective masks just to breathe. What will happen next? Where will our children live? And their children? If they will live at all.


It is a mirror. A mirror of our so-called civilization. The roots of all problems are in each of us, although this is not obvious at first glance. Each of us, every minute of every day, makes a choice of how to spend this day, this moment; whether it be in anguish, in envy, in malice, cursing everything and everyone suffering and hating everyone else. Or, do we devote our time to love, joy and acceptance, at least accepting ourselves?


Every day we make choices about what to eat, what to drink, how to respond, where to work, who to vote for but, in the end, governments also consist of people and their choices. We all are responsible every day. For example, you can buy a drink in a plastic bottle and then throw it away. In some countries, it’s processed and in others not. Why then, is the ocean full of plastic? We, the people of this world, do this every day and we are all responsible for it.


Everything begins inside of us and the most obvious way to begin healing the long-lasting illness of the whole earth is to start with ourselves. Let’s think together because there’s a reason for everything.


What are the roots of mental issues, depression and anxiety? Bad experiences during childhood? No hope for a better future? Anger, regret and repeating negative thoughts? Fear perhaps? Lack of love and understanding? Disconnection with our souls and disconnection with other people? It feels like there is a huge empty space in our chests, which we are trying to fill in with excessive consumption, dependent relationships, smoking, alcohol and illegal and prescribed drugs. A huge amount of inner work is needed to clean this hole, which is filled with all kinds of setbacks,  addictions, unhealthy behaviour, aggression, judgement, arrogance, vanity, pride, fear, hate, and all kinds of stuff we are all filled with. Now imagine we are one and we are an ecosystem. How do our inner setbacks affect others?


We have to get rid of it, or at least try. Our personal setbacks are at the root of all setbacks in the world. Isn’t it at least worth trying?


How do we do it though? After all, it’s easy to say that there is a problem in the world but it’s far more complicated to confess to yourself that the stuff you inside of you is the cause. It’s harder still to accept and admit that you want to get rid of it but this is where the process starts.


You must cleanse yourself every day, with small steps at first. Try making the right choices and observing why you feel like you do in each situation. You can try meditation, psychotherapy, spirituality or any other kind of inward activities such as reading or speaking to people about your struggles. Whichever way you choose, it does not matter, the most important part is that you tell yourself, “I want to get rid of this mess inside of me because I don’t need it and it doesn’t serve me well.”


Repeat this message daily, seek support and help and do not forget about your body. Make sure you eat healthily, exercise, sleep enough and pay attention to the signs your body gives you because it is all connected.


Do not be afraid; you are definitely not alone. We all need to detox; not only for our bodies but also for our minds and souls as well. Remember to make the first step because it is the most complicated part and we, as humans, are used to finding excuses. There is no other way.


Be patient and be sure that you are going the right way. Do not be afraid. It will not be easy but the world needs it. You need it. Make the first step. You are stronger than you think. You can do it! You are not alone!