Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Energy


Listen to “Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Energy”.

Do you struggle to get out of bed and feel that you lack energy all day long? Maybe you live by a schedule that doesn’t give you the time and space you need to slow down and be mindfully aware of what’s going on. You’re not alone, as one in five of us complain that we feel continually drained. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why you’re low on energy.

1. Fear

Most fears have nothing to do with reality, and it’s important to be aware of this. Much of the time, people are afraid of things that will never happen to them. This is an effect of mainstream media’ constant bombardment of negative stories and images. 

Negative news puts us in a weakened state of fear and can decrease our bodies’ immune systems. Our minds pick up negative images and replay them, turning them into new realities. This is neither useful nor good for our health and will quickly drain energy levels.

2. Constant worrying

Excessive worry doesn’t just affect your mental health; it also can wreak havoc on your physical well-being. If you’re fretting about something all day, your heart rate and blood pressure rise and your muscles tighten, leading to tiredness and aches. 

An unproductive worry is one which you can’t do anything about. It is more of a proliferation of ‘what ifs,’ over which you have no control, and there is no productive action that will lead to a solution. Therefore, try to think about what you can change and what you can’t, and stop worrying about things which are out of your control.

Manage your Energy, not your Time

3. Lack of exercise

One of the main reasons for lack of energy is skipping your daily work-out regime. It’s essential to exercise regularly as it increases the blood flow, improves circulation and leaves you feeling energized and less fatigued.

A minimum of 30 minutes of walking boosts strength and endurance, helps make your cardiovascular system run more efficiently, and delivers oxygen and nutrients to your body tissues. The next time you’re tempted to crash on the couch, go for a walk and complete at least 10,000 steps daily – your body will thank you.

You’ve got to Love what’s Good for You

4. Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders are a group of conditions that affect the ability to sleep well. Most people occasionally experience sleeping problems due to stress, hectic schedules, and other outside influences. However, when these issues begin to occur more frequently and interfere with daily life, they may indicate a sleep disorder. 

Depending on the type of sleep disorder, people may have a difficult time falling asleep and may feel extremely tired throughout the day. The lack of sleep can then harm your energy levels, mood, concentration, and overall health.

5. Lack of Self-Care

It’s easy to neglect taking care of ourselves when we’re busy and overwhelmed. We can often push ourselves to the point that we can’t take anymore and stop looking after ourselves altogether. Self-care helps you avoid getting to that point. 

You might brush and floss, but what daily activities do you do to maintain your psychological health? You can start by creating some downtime in your schedule to devote to activities you enjoy such as meditating, reading or even just looking at the clouds.