What Could Help Us All to Live a Better Life?

Love Photo PLANET

Why are we here and what is the point of life? If the only inevitabilities are birth, school, work, old age and death then the prospect of life is very scary, sad and tragic. Luckily, this is not the case; far from it in fact. We come into this world with the body we a given and bearing a soul that is hidden inside us. While no one knows exactly where or what it is, we all feel that there is something alive deep inside. At least there must be, right?


We live to move forward and become better people. Life is a road; a road from which it is impossible to turn off, where all obstacles and problems are just the points from which a new point of growth can begin. All the obstacles along the way are made for you. Life manifests itself through you in order to make you a better person. Do not be afraid to go out and overcome these obstacles. Life, in reality, is simple; we have no other obvious goal than to better ourselves and make the world a better place in return.


To become better, you must break through the barriers in your head by learning, living, breathing and always being thankful for the opportunity to do so. Movement is life, immobility is death.


Love and common sense can help everyone but, people must make the right choices. Start by doing something that is good for you and start today, by taking hold of your inner strength. You know what is good for you and you know what is bad for you. Just look inside of yourself and all the answers will be there.


Help yourself because you are stronger than you think. Human beings are perfect machines so bring the action back to yourself. Start small and start with yourself but do not judge yourself harshly. It is easier said than done but let’s try to think together.


Do you judge yourself for being overweight, lazy or for making wrong choices time and time again?  It won’t help you. Start by showing yourself love, bit by bit and increase it daily. Monitor your progress but never judge and be kind to yourself and to others.


Say to yourself ‘I am the truth, I am love, I can do this and I am enough’. Repeat this every day when you are tired, exhausted, desperate and lost. Repeat it with love and confidence.


When you finally understand it deep down then your life will begin to change for the better. We all have self-navigation inside of ourselves, in our minds and souls. Nobody knows exactly where it is but everybody knows how it works. When you do something that is not good for you, you simply know it! You know it deep inside of yourself. Your innate sense of self works 100 percent of the time starting from wrong choices to being aggressive towards others. We have this navigation and we can use it.


How? Just listen to your conscience and start with a simple thing like asking yourself what you think. Ask whether or not each small action is good for you or not. Do I really want this unhealthy, sugary, fattening piece of cake or does something inside me want to eat something more healthy? Do I feel better after lying on the sofa instead of going for a walk, or doing yoga or going for a run? Do I feel good after being rude to someone? Most often, with someone you love, the answer is NO. Just listen to yourself but don’t judge. Never judge. Just listen and try to improve one step at a time. Your happiness starts with you so try to make the right choices and learn to feel better. It is easier than you imagine. Just try it!