6 Simple Ways to Maintain High Energy Levels


Listen to “6 Simple Ways to Maintain High Energy Levels”.

When you work all day, eat on the move, and have little time for fun and relaxation, it’s normal to feel tired. However, being constantly exhausted isn’t healthy.

It’s sometimes easy to forget to recharge, especially when we’re busy. More often than not, when we are overloaded, we end up ignoring our internal guidance system telling us when it’s time to rest. Instead, we push on, sometimes relentlessly, and this can be dangerous.

If you continue to ignore your body’s request for a recharge, you’ll eventually begin to experience physical symptoms. These symptoms are designed to get your attention and remind you to take care of yourself and your energy levels.

If you’re feeling exhausted every day, it might help to take some active steps to recharge your batteries.

Here are some ways to help you energize your mind and body.

1. Stretch

A stressed, exhausted body is more prone to injury than one that’s relaxed and healthy. You can help recharge by stretching your muscles for just five minutes a few times per week. Better yet, take a yoga class once or twice a week for a deeper stretch routine.

2. Exercise

When you’re exhausted after a long day, it can be tempting to sit in front of the TV and veg out. Unfortunately, that usually just makes you feel more tired.

Instead of sitting down to recharge, try getting up and moving around. Walking or cycling for just 20 minutes can leave you feeling energized for hours.

3. Stop Worrying

Nothing drains energy like worrying. However, when you look logically at the things you are worried about you will notice a couple of things: many (perhaps even most) will never come true, and others are completely out of your control.

As you put these worries aside, you will begin to recharge your mind and soul!

If there are things, you are worried about that you can control, stop worrying about them and take action. That action will even give you more energy and relieve the worry.

4. Eat and drink for energy

Often when we’re feeling drained, we reach for sugar and caffeine to help. The problem is, they only give us a temporary boost and don’t help our energy levels the following day.  

Is a little sugar or caffeine boost really worth the negative impact on your hydration, sleep and mood? Instead, lots of water, fruit, veg and ‘normal’ caffeine levels are your friends here.

5. Spend more time outside

Negative energy in the body leads to conditions like stress and depression. A lack of nature leads to an accumulation of negative energy, which ultimately ends up staying in the body if it’s not identified and released.

By spending time around trees, in forests, hiking in the mountains or just being outside you’re able to connect with the energetic vibration of nature, which is capable of enhancing your sense of stability, strength and feeling of being grounded. Overall, nature refreshes the mind, body and soul and is vital for your well-being.

6. Use your breath

We take thousands of breaths every day, but how aware are you of how you perform them?

How well are you breathing, right now?

The way you breathe affects every physiological function in your body. While it might seem very challenging to be continually monitoring your breath, you can take designated breaks throughout the day to breathe more fully and deeply to help supercharge your energy.

Breathing breaks can be as simple as taking 10 to 20 deep, full-lung capacity breaths to cleanse and recharge yourself. When we become stressed and emotionally repressed, our breathing becomes shallow and constricted, our posture becomes poor, and our lungs and oxygen-carrying red blood cells have a much harder job to do.

Self-care is not self-indulgence; it is self-preservation. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself, starting today. You are worth it!

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