The Spiritual Laws of The Universe


Listen to “The Spiritual Laws of The Universe”.

Most of us are familiar with the laws of nature, also known as physical laws, as they are taught at school. They deal with all physical interactions happening in this Universe. Physical laws are conclusions based on observations and experiments over a long period and validated by the scientific community. They include the law of gravity and Newton’s three laws of motion.

The spiritual laws of the Universe apply not only to the physical entities but also to nonphysical ones, such as emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Everything in this Universe is in a constant state of evolution and motion. Nothing remains the same or stationary. The entire Universe and everything in it vibrates and moves rhythmically. Like day and night, seasons, and the stages of development.

The Law of Interconnectivity

The first of the Universal laws stress the interconnectedness of everything in our Universe. This includes people, things, thoughts, feelings, and actions. According to the law, all these things are intertwined, and any change in the status quo will affect everything else.

Everything in this Universe is energy, moving and vibrating in a circular pattern. Again, this includes all things tangible and intangible. This means that what we say, think, believe, or do has a vibrational frequency, just like their counterparts in the physical world.

Within each of us is the power to change our lives and the world around us for the better, using our words, actions, thoughts, and feelings by raising our vibrational frequency.

The Law of Chaos

Our life is chaotic because there is chaos within us. Closely associated with the law of attraction, this law tells us that we need to align our actions with our thoughts and feelings. In other words, we must follow through our emotions with inspired actions. Only this can lead to manifestation.

Are you ready to put these laws into action? Great! Here are a few simple steps to getting started: 

Cultivate Gratitude

Gratitude is the root of happiness. It can help you focus on what you have and replace any sense of what you might lack. You can’t feel both grateful and unhappy simultaneously, so when your mind focuses on all you are thankful for, you’re more likely to feel joy.

In addition, when you are more grateful, you tend to focus on the present—appreciating right now—which can reduce any sense of yearning or anxiety about the future.


How to love yourself isn’t something that can be quickly answered in a single blog post. None of us is born disliking ourselves. Instead, it’s a learned behaviour thrust upon us by situations and circumstances in life. Energy flows where attention goes and what gets energy grows. This means the more you focus on something, the more you will get in return. If you focus on the bad, you will find and receive more bad. If you focus on the good, you will find and receive more good. Like attracts like. So throw some positive thoughts into the world about yourself and watch them grow!


Meditation can certainly be challenging, even more so if we are uncertain about why we are doing it. It can seem very odd to sit there just listening to the constant chatter in our heads, and we quickly get bored if we do nothing for too long, even if it’s only 10 minutes. The experience of the busy mind is typical. Years of having an active mind, years of creating and maintaining dramas, years of stress and confusion, and the mind has no idea how to be still. For these reasons, we created transformative sound experiences in the DeepH meditation section to help you relax, change your inner dialogue and still your mind. Try listening to Breathing Meditation for Inner Peace for 5 minutes before bed.