Intuitive Intelligence – The Power of The Heart


Listen to “Intuitive Intelligence – The Power of The Heart”.

The heart is an emotionally intelligent organ. When you feel joy, appreciation, compassion, gratitude, love, peace – you are in a coherent state of mind and being. Intuitive Intelligence reflects a person’s ability to connect with the heart and collective consciousness. 

Compassionate living from a state of heart coherence can positively affect and lift the vibrations of the people and planet around us.

The heart, intuition or gut feeling – no matter what you call it – is so much more than just an organ or a mere feeling; it’s the creativeness of the universe speaking through you. It’s the essence of many people’s spiritual and emotional wisdom and grants valuable guidance from deep within.

We make decisions that we often regret later. For example, how often do you hear someone say: “I knew it wasn’t a good idea” or “I knew he was trouble.” etc. 

How can we save ourselves months, or even years, of suffering or reliving the same experiences?

The human heart has its own nervous system made up of approximately 40,000 neural cells. These cells actually send more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart!

From a biophysical perspective, every heart contraction creates a wave that pushes blood through the veins and arteries, producing an energy signal that helps synchronize all the body’s cells, including the brain. As a result, our hearts and our brains never stop communicating. Day and night, they send each other emotion-based signals.

When you process the information in the brain, it considers many different things – the issues of fear, judgement, ego, peer pressure, self-doubt or self-esteem. However, when you ask your heart, it knows immediately. 

Your heart is the essence of your being, a reservoir of joy, love, knowledge and infinite compassion that lies within you. 

However, you disrupt this balance entirely when you cultivate negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, and fear.  

A balanced heart will make you feel connected to everything around you. You’ll have a greater sense of empathy and compassion for others. Others around you will feel acceptance from you without reservation. You will have a great capacity to appreciate the beauty in the world. You will love freely, with no strings attached. And, most importantly, you will genuinely love yourself.

To tune into the frequency of our hearts, we have to give the rational mind a well-deserved break, especially in the initial phases of learning how to listen to our intuition.

There are many ways to calm the mind and allow yourself to reduce the influence of rational and critical thinking.

Meditation is a fantastic way to start getting to know yourself better. If you find it difficult to meditate or think you need some special skills to meditate, try DeepH Unconditional Love Meditation. This heart-opening meditation will help you dissolve the walls that you have built up around your heart and will help you open your heart to a life of unconditional love.