Ancient Natural Supplements that Can Increase Your Energy Levels


Energy is a top priority when thinking about health. After all, if your energy levels are low, it’s harder to get out of bed in the morning, let alone accomplish complicated tasks.

There are two main reasons why people want energy supplements.

  1. They often feel tired and perhaps even chronically fatigued.
  2. They need more energy for higher mental and physical performance.

Energy supplements, as the name suggests, are supplements. They are designed to work alongside your lifestyle and help you reach the levels of energy you need. They should, by no means, be your primary source of energy. Therefore they are best approached from a holistic perspective. 

To get the best results from energy supplements, make sure you’re doing other things to support your energy and stop doing things that are draining your energy unnecessarily.

Easy Ways to Increase Energy Levels

Throughout history, our ancestors have relied on numerous herbs and spices, not only for cooking but also for their powerful healing properties. Here are a few have survived the test of time: 

Ashwagandha – The Ancient Stress Remedy

Ashwagandha is great for people who are drained from stress.

Ashwagandha is a herb which grows in the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Africa, India, and Pakistan and has been used for over 3,000 years. 

Ashwagandha has been praised in traditional Indian medicine for its ability to help the body adapt to stress.

In a 2012 clinical trial, ashwagandha was shown to reduce levels of cortisol, also known as the ‘stress hormone’, in the blood. Participants in the study noted a significant reduction in the stress they experienced after 60 days, compared to the group given a placebo.

As an added bonus, recent studies have also suggested that ashwagandha can improve endurance and muscle strength gains from exercise. Additionally, ashwagandha was shown to reduce food cravings and support body weight management.

5. Rhodiola Rosea – Reduce stress and fatigue

Rhodiola is a great choice if your exhaustion is related to intense activity.

Rhodiola Rosea is a botanical supplement that has been used in traditional medicine in Eastern Europe and Asia for centuries. Not only will it help you feel more alert and decrease stress, according to clinical research, it can also improve your mood.

In a 2016 study from The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, Rhodiola supplements were shown to improve endurance while exercising, as well as assist in recovery afterwards. 

Turmeric – Fatigue brought on from depression.

Turmeric can help fight the causes of depression that drain your energy. 

Turmeric is a spice that has long been recognized for its medicinal properties and has received interest from both the medical and scientific worlds. 

Turmeric has incredible natural powers, as it contains a substance called curcumin which offers extensive mental and physical benefits.

10 Health Benefits and Uses for Turmeric Curcumin Supplements – Divinity Nutra

Written by Divinity Nutra, Updated on December 13, 2021 Throughout history, our ancestors have relied on numerous herbs and spices, not only for cooking but for their powerful healing properties. Few have survived the test of time quite like turmeric, arguably the most well-studied dietary supplement in modern natural medicine.

Several clinical trials have shown that turmeric extract can influence neurotransmitter balance in the brain. Curcumin also appears to have an antidepressant and anxiolytic effect through its ability to modulate levels of serotonin and dopamine. These properties make it an excellent complementary treatment for depression.

Panax Ginseng – Energy restoration and improved well-being

Panax ginseng is great for those looking for an all-round boost to their energy levels and well-being. 

Panax ginseng, also known as Asian ginseng, has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal supplement. It has a reputation for helping restore energy and improving the overall well-being of the body and mind. 

The benefits of Panax ginseng are thought to stem from the chemical components in the plant, known as ginsenosides.

Research shows that the root of ginseng can help normalize bodily functions and strengthen the bodies of those that are affected by stress.

Supplements can help you stay alert and energized throughout the day, but they’re no substitute for your body’s basic needs: getting adequate sleep, eating a healthy diet, staying hydrated, and exercising regularly.