Burned out on Self-Improvement? Read this…


Listen to “Burned out on Self-Improvement? Read this…”.

Trying to be “better” doesn’t always make us happier. We are under constant pressure to show that we know how to lead the perfect life. The result of this is that we feel ashamed when we fail to meet the sky-high expectations we set for ourselves. 

Today’s “more, more, more” mentality that often surrounds the pursuit of money or career goals can happen with self-improvement too, which can lead to burnout. Remember, too much of anything is bad, and too much self-improvement can quickly go from being productive to destructive.

From time to time, we all need to take a break and focus on ourselves. If you get stuck always wanting more, you’ll soon find yourself in an endless cycle. You’ll never be satisfied, nothing will ever be enough, and you’ll never be happy with who you are. If you find yourself falling into this habit, then it’s time to stop and take a break. 

When we find ourselves in negative cycles, we need to reprogram our emotional, mental and physical habits that no longer serve us. 

Sometimes we come to a point when the things we do don’t make sense anymore. Therefore, if you find yourself at a dead-end and feeling burned-out emotionally, it’s time to start asking yourself where your life is going and how to find balance, meaning and energy.


Obsessing about self-improvement doesn’t always translate into being a better person. Getting stressed about not getting your 15 minutes of meditation defeats the whole purpose of the practice in the first place. After all, being permanently switched on doesn’t give us the time we need to recharge. 

In a society obsessed with productivity, it feels all the more important to do something as simple and radical as permitting yourself not to be perfect.  

There is nothing wrong with you. You can feel good about yourself, embracing humble efforts to be better, to feel better accepting all imperfections and behaviour.

This post aims to inspire self-discovery so that you can get in touch with the depth of your being. You should make sure you keep a healthy appreciation for who you are right now, at the centre of your self-improvement formula.

Discovering Inner Self

Listen to “Discovering Inner Self”. Self-discovery is a life-long process. It’s the gradual discovery of who we are, our potential, our purpose in life, and what core principles guide us along the way. It is an internal process of removing obsolete ideas and habits, wrong concepts, and erroneous beliefs and ideas about life.

You should understand your physical, mental and spiritual needs and remind yourself that you are more than the sum of other people’s opinions. You should continue pursuing what is meaningful to you, at your own pace, without feeling guilty for not being productive enough or good enough. 

Self-discovery cultivates living in your values, which is key to personal satisfaction and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.  

In general, cultivating a healthy spirituality and having a sense of meaning and connectedness is as vital to health and well-being as healthy eating and exercise.