Choosing an Optimistic Outlook in a Chaotic World


Listen to “Choosing an Optimistic Outlook in a Chaotic World”.

Between the pandemic, police brutality and political mess, embracing optimism can feel like a difficult task, even for those who don’t usually struggle with staying mentally and spiritually afloat. However, during long periods of crisis, we must be more alert and ready to change direction and strategy as the world around us unfolds. 

To persevere through turbulent times, society needs people who are optimistic that the world will change for the better. After all, we all hope for longer, lighter days, global health, and a better world to live in. 

Optimism is considered to be the general attitude that fuels resilience. Whether learned or innate, a positive attitude has long been associated with a more robust immune system, a healthier heart and brain, and overall longevity.

Optimism is an attitude or mindset that we can train, and it will be a crucial factor in getting through these difficult times. 

Optimism isn’t about denying ‘negativity’ – it’s about hope and belief. Optimism is a form of joy. You can be practical and still find joy in the world. You can plan for things and analyze problems in your life while also being happy. Optimism doesn’t require you to give things up, but rather to embrace new possibilities.

It’s now more important than ever to look on the bright side of life as much as possible. Embrace the positives. Embrace the brightness. Embrace joy. 

Here are a few of the ways you can embrace change and open yourself up to optimism: 

Take control of negative thoughts 

Negative thought patterns, particularly when they’ve become habitual, can be hard to break. Practices that have been in place for years won’t be undone overnight, so it’s essential to be compassionate and patient with yourself as you work through them. 

You should avoid negative people, places, music, websites, news, and anything that makes you feel bad about yourself. 

It is also important to examine your negative beliefs, which include the self-limiting and self-critical ideas you may have about yourself, that not only weaken your sense of self-worth but also hold you back from taking advantage of positive experiences, opportunities, and relationships.

Look for the positives in life

As you look for the positive in people and circumstances, you’ll quickly discover that most of your life is filled with positive energy rather than negative.

Positive energy attracts more positivity in the form of new opportunities and good relationships. In contrast, when you lack positive energy, you tend to feel wiped out, anxious and inhibited, and you will spread that negativity to others. 

Stress, negativity and anxiety are highly contagious, but so is positivity! 

Replace negativity 

When we can deal with negative messages and replace them with positive statements, we can construct more adaptable and hopeful narratives about who we are and our place in the world. 

Here are some inspiring positive affirmations to help you get started:

  • I choose to be happy.
  • My happy thoughts help create my healthy body.
  • My life is taking place right here, right now.
  • I am in perfect health. Wellness is the natural state of my body.
  • I’m gifted with and surrounded by amazing friends and family.
  • I choose to rise above negative feelings and eliminate negative thoughts.
  • I am resilient, strong, and brave.
  • Nobody but me decides how I feel.
  • I am in charge of my thoughts, and I don’t judge myself.
  • I accept and love myself, wholly and thoroughly.
  • I choose only to think good thoughts.

If you find it challenging to get started, you can try Positive Affirmation for Negative Thoughts, which is available in the DeepH App in the Meditation section. It will help you separate yourself from the cycle of negative thoughts and remove their power over you. 

Remember, we have the option to choose happiness each day, despite the chaos around us.