Emotional Freedom – Key to Happy Life

Barren Canyon SPIRIT

At points, in each of our lives, we suddenly feel that we are tired and fed up. We might feel lonely, depressed, confused, weak and restless and our poor minds feel like they’ve been squeezed dry.


Sometimes we get ill and our bodies let us know, through pain, that something is wrong. Sometimes we get confronted with a string of failures, misfortunes and all sorts of unpredictable mishaps. This is life. It is difficult and tiring and the older you get the worse it gets. This is the common opinion but is it really true?


No! Life is beautiful and wonderful! Those accidents, pains and heavy feelings are signals to us that we need to change. Our bodies are our teachers and they help us to grow as people. They teach us to go deeper inside of our minds and souls and to pause and take notice of what’s happening, what’s wrong and what we need to do.


How can we develop ourselves and become happier human beings? Where can we find help? The answer is simple. I for one prefer not to suffer but rather change and learn how to be happier.


When I was receiving lots of negative signs from the Universe and when I was so unsatisfied with myself and my state, I decided to search for help and open myself up to new ideas. On my journey I have tried many different methods to seek help, however, there is one which I believe needs to be shared.



One day I woke up and decided to find an Indian dance class and an Indian meditation teacher to reduce my stress levels. Why Indian? Because I was born in India and I have always felt a connection to the land, the culture and its people. I had an intuition that I needed to reconnect but I found much more than I was looking for or ever expected.


I met with a man called Sudip. He is living in Mumbai and is an energy and light worker, or EFT healer and he was the perfect teacher for me. He taught me to look at things differently.


He taught me that, whilst we may read books, we cannot write and that we can listen to music but that does not mean that we can sing. We can see but don’t know how to feel and we can even agree with what others say without understanding them. We are numb.


However, children can do everything.  They create using their individual preferences every day. They write, sing, draw, play, dance, feel, cry, laugh and they express themselves. They create and they enjoy doing it. As we get older we lose these abilities and we are scared to take risks so we suppress our emotions.


Why? Because we get blocked and brainwashed. We collect pain and negative emotions all throughout our lives. We carry the heavy luggage of our past traumas and our souls get heavy and tired. Sure, we will have a lot of problems and failures will inevitably happen but we can clear them away and open our hearts up to unconditional love and blissful peace.


During my sessions with Sudip, I have learned how to unblock my fears and free myself from unnecessary negativity. He has helped me to go deep into my subconscious and recall old negative memories and process the emotional pain associated with them. He helped me to pass through all of the negative aspects of my life and then fill them with light and new energy.

The Emotional Freedom Technique tapping, Quantum Energy work, hypnotherapy, past life regression, breathing techniques – everything Sudip has taught me has helped me to become my true, happy and thriving self.


We all know the importance of taking care of our physical bodies but what about our mental, emotional or spiritual bodies? This is where Sudip Vairat specialises.


One of the positive benefits you can get from his work is that you become aware of your body’s energy and know how to use it. You can actually see it while meditating! It looks like a wonderful dance of colours and light and your senses become sensitive to the energy of others and nature around.


Your immune system is strengthened and colds and flu no longer cling to you. Your sleep gets more deep and peaceful and you become fearless and stress-resistant even when life becomes more difficult and you have to deal with emotional roller-coasters.


Your mind starts to be crystal clear and helps you to make right decisions. You become stronger, more active and more productive and you find that good luck and positive surprises start happening to you. Inside you, it feels almost as if there is a powerful magnet that attracts amazing circumstances and beautiful people. Yes, life is beautiful! Take care of yourself, change and thrive.


Story by Polina Maltseva