How to Convert Self-Discipline into Self-Love


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Self-discipline is our ability to maintain control to do the things we need to, even when we don’t want to. Most people think of self-discipline in terms of willpower. However, as anyone who has ever tried to go on a diet will tell you, willpower alone isn’t enough. 

According to a study by Stanford University, the amount of willpower a person has is determined by their belief in that willpower. Therefore, if you believe you have a limited amount of willpower, then you’ll find it difficult to muster more. Similarly, if you don’t place a limit on your self-control, you are less likely to exhaust yourself before meeting your goals.

You’ve got to Love what’s Good for You

In short, it may be that our internal perceptions about willpower and self-control determine how much we have. If you can remove the mental obstacles and honestly believe you can do it, then you will give yourself an extra boost of motivation toward making your goals a reality.

Whether you are embarking on an exercise regimen, attempting to get round to work that you have been procrastinating about, or trying to establish a new healthy habit, you’ll get farther, and you’ll get better results if you do it with a pleasant and loving attitude. When a parent prohibits their child from eating too much candy, they do it out of love. The same pattern applies to your self-discipline.

Redefining your self-discipline into self-love is possible by shifting your perception.

Here’s how to approach self-discipline with self-love:

Be present: Before you let your inner taskmaster berate you, take a deep breath. Exhale. Scan your body. Are you tense? Can you let go of the tension in your body?

Treat yourself as you would anyone else that you care about. You can overcome your lack of self-love by projecting yourself into someone else.

Check into your emotions: Are you attempting self-discipline from a place of shame and anger, or a place of focus and determination? From weakness or from strength?

Evaluate your motivation: Why do you want to do this task? Can you find a higher purpose in it?

Act with love: Make an effort to do your work, whatever it is, in a state of relaxation and love, rather than in a state of tension. Find ways to enjoy the activity, even if it is difficult. Keep breathing, keep your mind clear, and persist through the task.

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