How to Heal the Body

black and white BODY

Our bodies are designed in such a way that they seek healing, and every minute they work on self-healing; even without our intervention. The only thing that we need to do is not interfere in this process.


Health does not just mean having good medical test results. These are just indicators created by modern medicine which focus on disease management. Modern medicine can save your life from critical ailments, perform transplantations, successfully perform new types of surgery and make scientific breakthroughs. However, modern medicine cannot make you healthy.


Doctors are there to cut the symptoms of disease, reduce suffering, and prescribe drugs,  but doctors are not able to make you healthy and make you feel good. Health is a way of life!


Changing your way of life is not only about “eating less salt”, “exercising the heart for 30 minutes a day” or “drinking 2 litres of water a day”. We, as individuals, as society, as humanity, need to reconsider and change our understanding of health.


Health is about quality of life. It is about being able to sleep well at night and not feel pain while walking. It is about having a healthy appetite, a good memory and the ability to achieve what is important to you and only you. Health is the time you spend with your family.  It’s a walk in the forest and the ability to smile and not worry about the future. Health is about resisting stress and having a respectful attitude towards your body and a sense of happiness from the fact that your body works like a well oiled machine. Health is having positive energy that beats in harmony with the world. Health is about you having inexhaustible optimism and a lust for life.


Modern medicine does not solve any of these issues nor does it see them as a priority. Modern medicine is not interested in the quality of our lives. If you suffer from insomnia then you will be prescribed with a pharmaceutical chemical that will switch off your body and cause you to lose consciousness for several hours. This will be considered normal sleep and an acceptable solution for insomnia. But will you feel restored, rested and full of energy after such a chemical sleep? Doctors do not care!


Medical tests can be used to diagnose diseases but large doses of chemicals are unlikely to lead to your desired health and happiness.


Our bodies are amazing gifts of nature. We have the most perfect nanotechnology built into us in the form of our immune systems. Our nervous systems are more complex than the most advanced computers in the world. Our reproductive systems give us the miracle of life. Our internal organs store memory and emotions.  People who receive donated organs also receive their donor’s memories and emotional experiences.


In short, we are all wonderful creations of nature. We have such potential for self-healing that the only thing that can reduce this potential is pharmaceutical products. This is what most people do: they stun themselves with analgesics; disable the immune system by chemotherapy; shoot their nervous systems up with unnecessary vaccines and so on. All drugs based on chemistry are unnatural and disable the process of the body’s own self-healing abilities. It is not surprising that, after such toxic cocktails, the magic of healing disappears.


Try to define for yourself the concept of “health”. What exactly is health for you? What are the sensations and feelings and what actions define health for you?


You will most likely understand that the pharmaceutical industry is not working for your health but for your diseases. This is something that becomes very clear when you start listening to your body.


The body’s regeneration process is fully automated. The most surprising thing is not that the body regenerates itself or that it is capable of building up new cells, but that all this happens without our knowledge. The body is completely autonomous and this means that we do not need to manually direct blood to our wounds, consciously start the process of cell replication, coordinate the elimination of toxins or decide when to stop regeneration.


If all of the above is true, then why are we not able to heal ourselves? The answer is that we create barriers to our recovery. We misinterpret the symptoms of disease and take medication that escalates the situation. Symptoms are just a cry for help and a request from the body to help in the process of its healing.  If you are listening, then you will hear what your body is really trying to tell you. If not, then you will try to kill these symptoms with anesthetic, surgery or other kinds of destructive therapy.


An incorrect lifestyle and external factors such as pollution and excessive use of medical products, toxic household chemicals, body care products, cosmetics, etc. make the whole picture much, much worse.


Your body wants to be healthy and puts a lot of effort to being so, each and every minute of your life. You are the only person who cares about your health and wellbeing and only you can give yourself access to your own healing power.



Try for one week to allow your body to self-heal. Give up all your medications, products with additives and E numbers, refined foods (white sugar, flour and everything that has not been cooked in your kitchen) for one week. For one week try to live naturally and only eat organic foods. Stop using cosmetics, perfumes and do not eat meat from animals which are stuffed with hormones and antibiotics. Try, just for one week. Your body will be grateful and you will feel the difference.