Inner Evolution and How it Can Change the World


Listen to “Inner Evolution and How it Can Change the World”.

When we enter higher levels of consciousness, we restore our power to heal ourselves and the planet. There is no longer any separation between ourselves and others, and we can be at one with nature and life itself. 

Inner evolution means many things, but here are some of the most important: 

  • constant growth towards holistic, intuitive thinking and cooperative actions 
  • waves of integrative energies 
  • uniting feeling with knowledge 
  • seeing the self as both distinct and a blended part of a larger, compassionate whole 
  • recognition that everything connects to everything else in ecological alignments, the detection of harmonics, love and beauty and the pervasive flow-states

Typically, the level of consciousness we operate from will coincide with the stage of development we have reached. To encourage the healing process at a global level, we must first change the one thing over which we have real power – ourselves.

How to Build Your Own Path to Happiness Through Spiritual Growth

Consciously or unconsciously, we live in a state of constant dissatisfaction. Pleasures are short-lived, and people and things imperfect. Our fragile bodies, which need to be nourished and protected, are subject to illness, ageing and death. 

The ego, destructive behaviours, emotional reactions, belief systems and death are all part of a process. It is a process of self-exploration, self-investigation and self-evaluation. A considerable amount of inner work is needed to clear negative beliefs, unhealthy behaviour, aggression, judgement, arrogance, vanity, pride, hate and fear.

To evolve, we must first raise ourselves out of our state of survival to higher levels. We must discover harmony within ourselves and live in harmony with the people and planet.

When you learn to be curious about what’s going on inside yourself, then you’ve made the first steps towards mindfulness and a better connection with yourself. Once you’ve achieved this, then you can begin to see what it’s like to perceive your own experiences as pure experiences in and of themselves, without judging them, without putting labels on them and without turning them into problems. 

Meditation will help you to observe the world around you from a distance. Gradually, as you notice yourself observing rather than reacting to stressful situations or fears, you’ll see the real impact mediation can have on your life. 

As we grow, we have the opportunity to let go of all that is not vital. We are in a time of shedding, ending, and clearing away what has been of service in our lives but is no longer of use.

How Personal Transformation Can Create Global Change

Understanding transformation of consciousness as rethinking the very foundations of how we currently live our lives and shape our societies goes beyond seeing sustainability as something that we add to our ‘to-do list. We need a more in-depth understanding, and we must learn to experience life as interconnected. We must learn to be mindful. 

We need to create healthier spaces inside of ourselves and around us. Cultivating a healthy spirituality and having a sense of meaning and connectedness is essential for our health, well-being and growth. 

Through our conscious choices and individual inner work, we have the power to help evolution on its way towards wider cooperation, deepening consciousness and understanding love as a universal force. There is something extraordinary about that.