New Year’s Resolution


What’s the best way to stick to your New Year’s resolutions? Whether you are trying to eat more healthily, sleep longer or read more the key is to make the goal achievable. One way to do this is to break it up into smaller, more manageable steps. Another one of the reasons people fail is that when they try to make multiple changes, they multiply the pressure they are putting on their limited willpower. Therefore, it’s important to limit your ambition to something you can actually achieve.

Here’s how to identify the right resolution to improve your life and how to create a plan so that you’ll reach it. If you use this advice, you might just become part of the tiny group of people that successfully achieve their goals.

1. Specify Your Goal

Your resolution should be absolutely clear and making a concrete goal is vital if you want to succeed. If you only have a vague idea such as ‘I want to lose weight’, then you won’t have a clear goal in sight. To help you visualise your aim, you need to be more specific.  How much weight do you want to lose and by when?

2. Build On What You’ve Already Started

To reach your goal, you must first develop the habits that will guide you to the right actions. As such, building on your previous work and already-existing habits is a more effective way to achieve your aim. Think about what has worked well and what needs to be changed. Look at your past for insights into what you can improve in the future.



3. Think Small

Small habits are much easier to manage and can result in much more significant changes in our lives. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that diving in head first and dedicating a considerable part of our lives to something will create long-lasting, meaningful changes. It’s the small steps that you take every day that get you towards that goal.

4. Accept Discomfort

The biggest challenge you’ll face in creating a new routine is accepting the discomfort that comes with. It can take up to 60 days to turn a new action into a well-formed habit, but it’s worth it.

Try to remain aware of your attitude and thoughts, the energy you exchange with others, and how you contribute to the betterment of your day and life. The New Year is the perfect time to set new goals, resolve to do more, eat less, stop smoking, start exercising, and a long list of other dos and don’ts we hope will improve our lives in the coming year. However, one thing we all truly yearn for is to feel happier and healthier our day-to-day lives.



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