Rapé – A medicinal plant for strength, concentration and healing


Our daily lives are hectic. At some point, we become hectic too. But instead of just accepting this, we could carry on working fully concentrated, with calmness, a steady hand and crystal clear thoughts. How can we achieve this? With Rapé – a harmonising and cleansing medicinal plant from South America.


We all know this: One appointment after another, drinking coffee and wanting to stay alert, but becoming tired anyway. We lose our concentration and our performance drops. When we actually get a moment to ourselves, when we have to process everything, our thoughts run wild. This is the effect of stress, too much caffeine and hecticity.


Inner Peace

To find your own balance is not always easy. A new natural product, which even medicinal plant experts are super excited about, can help to support the process of finding your balance. The name of this “wonder” product: Rapé. This is the term used by Shamans for the plant and tobacco-based mixture. This “wonder herb”, which boosts concentration and relaxation, cannot be compared with normal tobacco, apart from the fact that as with snuff tobacco, it is “snuffed” through the nose.


From South America to Europe

In Spain, Rapé is well known – and is popular due to its healing effects. It is 100% legal to buy it, but it’s effects have yet to be scientifically proven, as some of the plant-based ingredients that it has, haven’t been officially recognised yet. We know about Rapé because Shamans have passed down the secret knowledge of its existence and how to use it from generation to generation. Once again, the Chemist’s shop of the Amazon has revealed a treasure, the positive effects of which remain generally unknown.


Cleansing and Concentration

Rapé is available predominantly via British mail order companies. Depending on the flavour and the strength, you take a pinch of it in the mornings and in the evenings with an angled tube. You can take this on your own or during a ritual with a second person, who gently blows the Rapé into your nose. The effect is a cleansing one. It helps the mucosa to regenerate, cleans the sinuses around the nose, eyes and forehead. You notice immediately that the power of concentration lasts all day. You can feel your centre more clearly, can connect yourself to your thoughts better and are less distracted by trivial matters. You can be more goal driven and the result will be more efficacy and more performance. At the same time, it gives you a better overview of things and most importantly: gives you more inner peace and strength.