Stress is Contagious. So is Inner Peace.


Listen to “Stress is Contagious. So is Inner Peace.”

In today’s world of global chaos, more than ever, we need a moment of tranquility in our daily life. The ever-changing situation feels daunting. Nonetheless, as the old wisdom goes, amidst the storms, the only way out is to ride through.

How would your life be different if your peace of mind was steady and anchored? What if you were unperturbed by the ferocity of the world around you? What if others didn’t control your moods?

Do you want to look back at your life and celebrate the rushing around, the completed “to do” lists, and the ‘stuff’, or do you want to reflect on days of calm, connectedness, great relationships, wonderful experiences, and peace of mind?

Inner peace is more about being than doing. It’s about leaning towards rather than struggling against. It’s about being fully present and focused on the task at hand. The rewards of inner peace are numerous. They include mental and physical health and well-being, self-confidence, better relationships, and a more intense and joyful experience of life.

The most profound impact of inner peace is the peace it spreads to the world around us. Peace between families, communities, and countries begins with each individual. Inner peace is contagious. As you find inner peace for yourself, you become a model for others and spread the seeds of peace everywhere you go.

Your state of peace and joy is always dependent upon your reaction to external circumstances. Peace cannot be achieved without stillness of mind, and the identification of things that disturb it. Therefore, peace is not a goal to reach but rather a background state to be in. This state is directly governed by the impact of our thought processes in our minds.

How to Find Happiness

It is hard to relax or fully enjoy life with all of the distractions and upsets.  But it  really only takes a few small actions to find calm. Here is a simple guide to inner peace.

  • Accept what you can’t change 

Most important thing during the turbulent times.  If there’s nothing you can do about something, there’s really no point in worrying. 

  • Take control over your thoughts 

Thoughts determine our state of mind and therefore are directly correlated with our level of peace. This is why you should become very cautious about what you think and how you think.

  • Stop worrying about what other people think 

You are responsible only for your thoughts and actions.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others

 You are unique and have your own unique way of being.

  • Find healthy ways to express negative emotions 

 Exercise, go for a walk, play music, do art, practice yoga, meditate.

  • Be grateful 

This may be the single most important element of inner peace. Focus on everything in your life that you’re grateful for.

  • Smile and laugh 

 Both smiling and laughter are proven mood boosters. Life still goes on.

  • Love yourself 

Accept yourself and learn what it feels like to love yourself unconditionally

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