Why our Connection with Nature Matters?


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Humanity has come to believe that nature is something separate from the human world. Nowadays, nature is viewed as little more than a place to visit if it’s sunny and warm. 

Somehow the perception has been created that rivers, mountains, oceans, birds and bugs are nature, but not humans. Rather than seeing ourselves as part of the Earth and intrinsically connected to her seasons, cycles and rhythms, our ego-centred mindsets cause us to behave as if we are not connected to the natural world. Instead, we act as if it is something to own, use and dominate, resulting in unlimited resource extraction, the pollution of our environment, degradation of our food and water, the exacerbation of climate change, the extinction of species, and much more.

Humans are part of nature 

The world is a gigantic living organism, which we humans are a big part of. We are all interconnected. The more we are awakened, the more we can understand the power and sensibility of oneness and the more empowered we are to take action together.

The Spirit of Nature – Everything is Connected

Our world is currently polarized. We’re diametrically opposed to each other on virtually every issue that matters, and possibly the only thing we can all agree on is our growing inability to agree. Despite everything we have in common, we still feel more divided than ever, and this idea of separation puts us a long way from unity. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

There is one common idea which we can agree on, despite all of the divisions – humanity is an integral part of nature. 

Moreover, it is essential that our unity is above all divisions, and not merely the unity of one group against another. The latter is simply a group-inflated ego that increases division and hatred in society, leading to no ultimately positive outcome.

Life is the existence of living beings and the coexistence of all the living beings that obey nature’s specific laws. It is important to emphasize that at the foundation of life is nature and understand how nature is guiding us to unite. We entirely rely and depend on nature to exist. From the food, we consume, the water we drink and the air that we breathe.

The Earth is Alive

Therefore, the importance of unity is the importance of our very survival. Whether we live our lives harmoniously or painfully, by uniting, we can enter into balance with nature and awaken the positive forces dwelling within it to surface among us. Only then can we feel positive phenomena fill our lives: happiness, confidence, peace and harmony.

I believe we can Unite because we can find common ground with others, and see a little part of ourselves in them.