PART 1. The Indian Yogi, Sudip Vairath, is coming to Austria during Easter. He spoke to us in advance of his trip about the fine art of breathing, as well as telling us about the lesser known “Tapping” technique. A two-part interview:


Do you see yourself as a Trainer or a Yogi?

I graduated in Psychology, combining it with yoga. So I can be called a Yogi.


Breathing is the fundamental tool for you. Can you briefly describe your work to us?

I build upon the Breathwork techniques of Stanislav Grof. This means that you breathe in cyclical rhythms and in so doing, you activate energy points – all the chakras. This activates positive energy and sets free blocked energy. It’s even possible to set foot into a different dimension of your being through this. There are lots of different experiences that you can have during a Breathwork session.


What does blocked energy mean? How do I feel it?

You feel it through sensations of pain, such as back pain. If you breath so much energy into your body, connect it with your own system, then you get to an astral level. We achieve this automatically when we sleep. We can have visions here, such as of bright light. Our breathing works correctly then all by itself.


How can one imagine this astral level?

In the three dimensional world, you have to go into a shop in order to buy an apple. When you work on a higher level of energy, the manifestation is quicker than in a dream. One simply manifests the apple. The energy level is that, which is created by your own experience.


That sounds very abstract. Can you give us an example?

When your energy level is only at 50%, then you will only feel 50% happiness or 50% sadness i.e. just half each of either love or fear. When we’re young, our energy level is high. As we get older, there are lots of experiences that we don’t process properly. These experiences solidify into belief systems that block us. Our energy level sinks due to these experiences which are stored within us, that have not been processed. Our subtle energy bodies are thus blocked. And what’s registered in our subtle energy body manifests itself in our physical body.


More specifically: How does this accumulation in the energy body happen?

Illnesses don’t manifest themselves over night. If somebody is consistently subjected to stress, then it’s likely that this will be deposited in the energy body. This will consequently turn into physical symptoms.


So with Breathwork you can remove these manifestations?

Certainly. With Breathwork you give yourself up to the energy. Breath and the body have their own intelligence. They form a very complex and wonderful system. A work of God. We have to give ourselves up to this intelligence of breath. When we breathe in a particular rhythm, the body cleans itself. You have to learn to let go, then the energy flows into the right areas and releases it.


Does everybody really have access to this intelligence of breathing?

It lies within us. If in addition, you can control your breathing, direct it – with small variations – guide it to where it should be, then you can achieve astounding physiological effects. The breath is the heart of the energy system. Our actual heart controls the circulation of the blood system. The breath is the entrance to the energy system.


How would you describe your teachings?

As Breathwork science – breathing science. Essentially, this science is based on the philosophy of how we breath in energy through our noses, and how best to use it. We don’t want too much or too little of it. Too much energy can also have negative effects, such as restlessness, anxiety and hyperactivity.


So the aim of good breathing is…..

To bring light energy and vitality into the body. Not too much and not too little. We therefore yield to the breath and its inscribed capacity. When I run a session with 20 participants, each person has their own breathing, their own rhythm. We talk about these experiences together after the session is finished.


Do you also offer private sessions?

Yes – here I integrate the five elements: earth, water, fire, air & aether or void. We begin with earth, because that is the most tangible, and we finish with aether, as that is the most subtle. But in so doing we remain specific. We breath through the fire that we sense is next to us, or breath through water while taking a shower. We integrate the elements. We rely on the fact that we are made up of elements, and that they cleanse us like only they can.


So do you work with images?

No, no. If a fire is close by – Yogis in India always sleep close to a fire- it really pushes the energy. You just have to give yourself up to the breathing. You feel the rest of it. If you sit next to a fire with your eyes closed every day, then this has a big effect. I have 3 oil lamps next to my bed and I light them every night. I go to bed with fire. And you can do exactly the same with water. You need to become aware of the elements that are available. That’s it.


So you build into your meditations the elements that are actually present?

If you breath in correctly, then this is effective. But with the elements close by, it’s better still. They support the healing process.


In your opinion, breathing in the right way boosts the powers of healing?

Yes, and with pretty much every illness. In the majority of cases, every illness is a psychosomatic manifestation. The mind is connected with the body, and we have two forms of memory: the cellular memory and the cerebral memory, through our brains. Our breathing accesses both memory types, and in so doing can make the pain disappear through the sensory experience of breathing and the vibrations triggered through this.


So Breathwork goes a lot further than just the effect of a relaxation exercise?

The result is relaxation, feelings of happiness, ecstasy even. The effect of a session can be strong. Especially if a lot has accumulated over the years and decades. Maybe there is back pain, pain in the side, heart or stomach. This can all go away in one session, which makes the emotions run high. That’s why it’s very important to have a professional by your side.


Has the breathing technique also helped you with anything?

Up until two years ago, my face was partially paralysed. I could free myself from this through breathing exercises. I am healed now.


What do your clients say after you have worked with them?

They feel full of energy, creative, willing and able to make decisions. It’s just like with scientific discoveries: The ideas or the effects normally come to you during the relaxation phase, e.g. while taking a shower or walking along the street. During the sessions- rather like in the film Inception- you can plant information and positive beliefs into your subconscious. Helpful beliefs such as love, acceptance, and forgiveness of yourself. That helps.


Does it help on a longer-term basis, in your daily routine?

Yes, because through the session you become more sensitive. You can connect and ground yourself better. And you can practice the beliefs again and again. That is a positive cycle. You become more contented, you see the bright side of life and receive positivity in return.


I’d like to return to the emotions, which can be awoken when blockages are removed. How can one imagine this?

Some people simply scream. Some people cry, some are quiet as they are so overwhelmed by the feelings of happiness. Some people are ecstatic. The reactions are overwhelming for me as well. I feel so much joy when people go through this experience. It’s so unbelievable, so vivid. A real interexchange occurs.


Invitation and info to the retreat held by Sudip Vairat in Austria – 13th to 16th April 2017: H E R E!