Happiness and Love as a New Year Resolution for 2022


We are all the same as human beings; we all want to lead a happy life. We can think of every day as a new day. When we wake up, we can remind ourselves – ‘I need to be happy; I need to have warm feelings towards others. This builds self-confidence, honesty, transparency, which leads to trust. And trust is the basis of friendship. We are social animals, and we need friends. This is a source of happiness I wish to share. – Dalai Lama

2021 will go down in history as one of the most challenging years we’ve faced worldwide, after 2020 of course. Very few people on the planet have not been impacted physically, psychologically and emotionally by the pandemic. 

We can not control or alter what is happening in the outside world, but we can work on ourselves. We need to feel happiness more often and not have our emotions be conditional upon outside influences during times of uncertainty. 

Being happy requires practice to produce the desired outcomes of joy, gratitude, humour, self-confidence, adaptability, optimism, spiritual foundation, creativity and a balanced life.

Here are some ideas on what to cultivate inside of yourself to feel happier and act from love. 

Reject Fear – Choose love.

There are only two primal emotions in the human being, love and fear, and that we cannot feel both at once. However, we can choose to respond from love rather than react from fear. In the same way that light removes darkness, love can remove fear.

Turning Focus Inwards

Mindfulness practice can be done anywhere, anytime, to a variety of degrees — if you’re not comfortable sitting on the floor with your eyes closed, you don’t have to write off mindfulness as a concept. 

Try spending a few moments focusing on what you can feel, hear, smell, and see at different times throughout your day, whether you’re driving, walking, or answering the call of nature. You’ll be surprised at how many interesting things constantly surround you that you haven’t been noticing.

Feel gratitude  

When we are grateful or humble, the universe almost always rewards us. Therefore, integrating gratitude into your practice keeps you at a high vibration, and when we are at this point, we attract more positive things to our life.

Let’s work together and ensure that, no matter what is happening in the world, 2022 will be filled with abundant blessings of health, happiness, peace and prosperity for you, your loved ones, your family, your friends, and our planet.