Happiness is a Natural State of Mind


Listen to “Happiness is a Natural State of Mind”.

Is there a form of happiness beyond the mere repetition of pleasure and avoidance of pain? If such a source of psychological well-being exists, it should be present even when all the usual pleasure sources have been removed. 

Most of us are searching for happiness in one form or another, but the happiness we’ve been conditioned to pursue is often elusive and fleeting. When we base our happiness on what we have—such as material possessions or status recognition from others—our happiness is no longer in our control.

Happiness is a state of mind, and being happy requires a conscious decision. We have to choose to be happy and work on minimising our negative inner voices. 

The next time you’re feeling down and start longing for happiness, remember that happiness is not some place “out there”. It isn’t some objective experience that may provide a little temporary pleasure, but rather it resides within. You can think of it like the sky that never disappears, even though it may be obscured temporarily. Happiness is in our very nature; it can’t be purchased or acquired; it can only be revealed.

Life happens from the inside out. If you are happy, it’s because of what’s going on inside of you. When we bring our attention inside, the truth of the moment can be revealed.

You don’t have to add anything to life to be happy. Instead, you have to remove things. Life is easy, and life is delightful. It’s only hard on your illusions, ambitions, greed and desires.

Improve Your Life by Removing Subconscious Negativity

A considerable amount of inner work is needed to clear the space filled with our setbacks such as addictions, unhealthy behaviour, aggression, judgement, arrogance, vanity, pride, hate and fear.

Happiness is our natural state. If we try to satisfy ourselves with sensory pleasures hoping that they will bring us closer to a state of peace, we will never succeed. Real and lasting happiness comes from removing things we don’t need, not holding on to them and hoarding them.

Inner Transformation – The Way to Lasting Happiness

Happiness comes to us when we detox ourselves from fear, doubt, negativity and expectations. Beyond that lies a state of mind defined by purity, where joy exists in its purest form.

The more we are in our natural state of mind, being at peace and joy – the more comfortable our bodies are and the better they can heal themselves when needed.