Healthy lifestyle, from dream to reality

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Probably, we all recall the situations when we gave up halfway through and returned to old habits, such as skipping a morning run or having an unhealthy meal. At the same time, we scolded ourselves for laziness and lack of willpower. Today I will give you tips on how to stop postponing and change your life.


Focus on your goal. Do you really need it? To begin with, honestly answer the question, “Does my desire coincide with my needs?” The bottom line is that many of our goals are unattainable just because they are dictated by the external environment. If for example, you decided to lose weight under the pressure of your wife’s opinion, then it is unlikely that you will do your best. Therefore, first of all, you have to clearly state the reason why you set this goal and ask yourself whether you are ready to go for it, even if you are lack of time or money.


If you realize that the goal you’ve set is not your actual need, reformulate it so that you like it. For example, “I choose a healthy diet, not because my nutritionist (friend/doctor) said so, but because my body is a wonderful mechanism that deserves the best healthy food.”


Create a mood and act. Do not expect that your life will change when you reach the goal, or you will never start. Act as if you have already achieved what you desire. What do you feel? How has your life changed? Who have you become? Remember this feeling. It will inspire and support you on your path. Do not postpone. Every day take a step towards your goal.


Make it a habit. There is no need to immediately adopt an active lifestyle and turn on a dime. First, choose a simple action that does not evoke resistance. Devote 5–10 minutes a day to your goal. For a greater efficiency, consistently repeat actions in the contest of a specific situation. For example, go for a jog every morning before breakfast. The more often you take actions associated with the desired habit, the stronger it will become. In a couple of weeks, you will have every chance to make it a habit and enjoy the process.


Everyone makes mistakes. Assess your results realistically. Don’t “relax” and don’t be too strict with yourself if you failed. Having done all this work, you have already done a lot. Start again and you will have all the chances to beat your own records.


DeepH team