How the Mediterranean Diet Could Add Years to Your Life


Listen to “How the Mediterranean Diet Could Add Years to Your Life”.

Spain is projected to beat Japan for the longest life expectancy in the world by 2040. Studies suggest that people who live in the Mediterranean area or follow the Mediterranean diet, are at lower risk of various diseases, including obesity, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. They are also more likely to enjoy a longer life than people in other regions.

The Mediterranean diet has far-reaching health benefits that you can adopt in your own life. However, this is not a quick fix diet plan; it’s a lifestyle, which can add years and vitality to your life.

Dead Food VS Alive Food

Diets rich in vegetables, protein, and healthy fats are increasingly being recognized as the healthiest for your brain and body. Known by many different names — from ‘plant-based’ to ‘Mediterranean’ — these diets appear to have key health benefits including weight loss and decreased depression. A new study from Italian researchers also suggests such diets may also protect against ageing.

The healthiest eating plan is mind-blowingly simple. It involves consuming more vegetables, fruits, and protein, and fewer processed carbohydrates.

Key ingredients of these diets include fresh fruits and vegetables, unsaturated fats, oily fish, a moderate intake of dairy, and low consumption of meat and added sugar.

Eating Junk Food Causes Depression

Fill your plate with plants like spinach, tomatoes, and beans. Top it off with proteins and fats from salmon, nuts, and eggs, and you’ll be more likely to see benefits including weight loss, a healthier heart, fewer symptoms of depression, and even a longer life.

If you’re looking to improve your health, you can add more plants to your plate, limit portions of animal proteins, choose heart-healthy fats such as olive oil, work on eating with others and moving more. No matter your current lifestyle, you can include aspects of the Mediterranean diet effortlessly.

As well as focusing on plant-based foods, you’ll also need to equip yourself with a philosophy that emphasizes the following:

  • living in harmony with nature
  • valuing relationships with others, including sharing meals and enjoying a chat around the table
  • having an active lifestyle, but relaxing after a meal
  • moderation and variety