How to Create Positive Energy Around You


Listen to “How to Create Positive Energy Around You”.

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional state of mind that focuses on the good and expects positive outcomes. Optimism does not involve ignoring negativity. It is the acknowledgement of the negative but then choosing to focus on the positive. At its root, it is simply the belief that despite the current circumstances, things will work out favorable in the end.

It’s far too easy to get stuck in a negative state of mind. The key is to learn to look for the positive in everything in your life. This is another habit that can be life-changing. As you look for the positive in people and circumstances, you’ll quickly discover that most of life is filled with positive energy rather than negative.

Positive energy attracts more positivity, in the form of new opportunities and good relationships. In contrast, when you lack positive energy, you tend to feel wiped out, anxious and inhibited.

The good news is that it is entirely possible to restore positive energy – for your mind, soul, and body. Here is how:

1.Spend more time outdoors

Research shows that revelling in the great outdoors promotes human health. Spending time in serene natural environments has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels, improve working memory and provide a sense of rejuvenation.

2. Clean up your space

Space cleaning is both auspicious and hygienic. Get rid of anything unnecessary in your environment and put your storage space to good use. The fewer the number of things surrounding you, the greater ease with which energy can circulate.

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3. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

Noticing and appreciating the positives in our lives is a great way to lift your spirits and provide yourself a mental boost.

Start to practice gratitude by being thankful for all simple things in life you have.

4. Exercise

Research on anxiety, depression and exercise shows that the psychological and physical benefits of exercise helps reduce anxiety and elevates your mood. When you engage in vigorous physical activity, the “feel good” brain chemicals are released that ease feelings of negativity. It distracts you from your issues, and it physically relaxes you. Getting sweaty is not just good for your heart–it’s good for your head too!

5. Embrace Self-Love

The next step toward creating positive energy in your life lies in embracing the love of the self.

This is often the most difficult step. Many of us spend much of our lives at war with ourselves, tearing down everything from our looks to our intelligence to our level of success.

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6. Meditate To Increase Positive Energy

Meditation essential builds on what you do in your breathwork exercises, tuning your focus into the present moment and balancing your soul. If you think meditation is not for you or you do not know how to start, try DeepH sound meditations created to open your heart and relieve your mind. Sounds are believed to dislodge stagnant energy and create flow.

7. Implement the “No Complaining Rule” 

The rule is simple. You are not allowed to complain unless you can think of  one or two possible solutions. The key is to utilize complaining as a catalyst for positive change. Try it at least for 7 days, and watch your energy growing.