Overcome Fear Through Meditation


Listen to “Overcome Fear Through Meditation”.

Fear knows no bounds and is a highly subjective topic. Fear brings on imbalance and emotional heaviness, disrupting both our minds and hearts. Fear has such an impact that it makes it virtually impossible to manage life when gripped by it. 

Fear becomes irrational when the mind creates danger where there is none. That’s when fear becomes debilitating and unhealthy. 

We currently exist in a society where stress, anxiety, and fear are always just around the corner, especially with fear-mongering from all media outlets. However, meditation can help deal with this fear. 

Instead of focusing on fear, meditation helps you focus on how to overcome it and prepare yourself to face it. Meditation can also provide peace and calm and gives you the inner strength to face any situation. In addition, it instils in you the faith that whatever happens will happen for the best, even if that ‘whatever is unknown.

How Emotions Affect Wellbeing

Facing fear is a necessity, but how you face it is a choice. You can find your solutions through meditation and stop fear from controlling you.

When we meditate, we embark on a journey to a calmer, less reactive, and less fearful mind. In calming the mind, we not only quell our fears, but we increase the chances of conquering them.  

Meditation also trains the mind to live in the present. Phobias stem from past or external events, and anxiety is often a response to a fear of the future.  

When you focus on the present and live in the now, fear has fewer reasons to activate. Additionally, when we use basic “present moment” mindfulness techniques to our advantage, such as observing the inward and outward flow of the breath, there is no room in our minds for racing thoughts and boiling sensations. Instead of our fearful thoughts causing our muscles to tighten up and our breath to shorten, they pass on through.

Peaceful Coexistence in your Inner and Outer Worlds

Here are a few quick meditation tips to stay fear-free:

  • Keep reminding yourself that everything that happens is for the best.
  •  Keep up with your practice. Meditating for at least 20 minutes a day will help you to overcome your phobias.
  •  Morning is the ideal time to meditate, though you may do it any other time of the day, on a light or empty stomach.
  •  To have a deeper meditation experience, choose a quiet corner.

If you find it difficult to meditate without any support, you can try DeepH App Meditations. The app has a specially designed section to help you access meditative states through the transformative power of sound.