Simplicity is the Key to Happiness


Listen to “Simplicity is the Key to Happiness “.

When asked what is the fundamental objective of life, the vast majority of people answer quickly and definitively that it is happiness. 

True and lasting happiness isn’t the result of accumulating more. Happy people are aware that happiness comes from what’s generated inside and not from their outside environment. 

Our world is like a huge marketplace and temptation is everywhere. Stuff costs money, but It can also cost us emotional currency, because we may start to see what we own as being more valuable than the people in our lives. This is the point when people become vulnerable and can become unhappy.  

It’s time to slow down those constant desires to buy things and start investing in yourself and your relationships. We chase after the material by investing long hours in work, juggling complicated schedules and lengthy to-do lists. We get caught up in making a living, instead of making a life.

We try to satisfy ourselves with sensory pleasures hoping that they will bring us closer to a state of peace. However, true and lasting happiness comes from removing things we don’t need, not hoarding them. Happiness comes to us when we detox ourselves from fear, doubt, negativity and expectations. Beyond that lies a state of mind defined by purity, where joy exists in its purest form.

How to Find Happiness

Try it out for yourself. Wake up grateful for all that you have, and resist the urge to buy useless things that you know you don’t need. 

In the modern world, we are always told that we need this or that. Commercials on television are constantly selling things from dusk ‘till dawn. There are advertisements on billboards as we drive to work and pop up ads on every website and social media platform that we visit. We are constantly bombarded, but it’s important to resist these temptations and take a step back. 

Before you purchase something, you should ask yourself these questions…

  • Will this thing really make me happy?
  • Do I actually need it?
  • Does it serve a purpose or bring me a sense of joy?

Stay away from stores unless you’re going out with a specific purchase in mind, as you could come out with a lot of items that you didn’t even want!

How to Enjoy Life More with Less

Adopting simplicity starts with your immediate surroundings. Look around you and see if there’s anything that you can do to reduce clutter in your home such as stacks of magazines, books, paperwork and clothes. Clean up and organize your surroundings so that you have fewer distractions.

Clear a space in your mind

Clearing out your inner space is even more important than clearing your outside space. Step out of your mind and examine your thoughts objectively. Work towards eliminating any worrisome or negative thoughts that are causing you stress and undue anxiety.

Focus more on yourself and others, and not the things they have. Free yourself from your possessions and you’ll experience life through a different lens. Free yourself from the burden of belongings that aren’t important to who we really are. You’ll feel much better in the long run and will be able to focus on who you are, what you want and, most importantly, you’ll be happy. 

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