The One Day Fast and its Benefits


Listen to “The One Day Fast and Its Benefits”.

Did you know that regular fasting can improve digestive efficiency, increase mental clarity, boost physical and mental vigour, remove toxins, improve vision and give you a general feeling of well being? It turns out that the human body has some amazing self-healing abilities.

One-day water fasts have now become a popular way to maintain health and vigour as they use the self-healing properties of the human body. 

24-hour water fasts allow the digestive system to rest and give the organs plenty of time to repair and heal themselves. 

According to the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), there are many benefits to intermittent fasting aside from weight loss. These additional benefits of one-day fasting include:

  •  Lower blood sugar levels
  •  Lower blood triglyceride levels
  •  Improved brain health 
  •  Reduced risk of cancer risk 
  •  Reduced risk of heart disease risk 
  •  Inflammation reduced
  •  Insulin resistance reduced
  •  Lower LDL cholesterol levels 

There are many different ways to practice fasting, which makes it easy to find a method that fits into just about any lifestyle.

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

 One-Day water fast is relatively easy to do.

Choose a day that is stress-free with fewer planned activities and be sure that you won’t need to do anything which requires manual labour or excessive travel. 

Light activities, like reading, slow yoga movements, working on your computer, walking in the woods, meditation, watching television, driving short distances, etc. are acceptable. But you should avoid stressful activities, like going to the gym or running long distances, as these consume a lot of calories and will make you more hungry. 

Avoid eating sugary, highly-processed foods the day before you fast. Your body will not function properly if it’s running predominantly on sugar. Furthermore, processed foods may take longer to leave your system, making it more difficult to have a ‘clean’ fast.

Dead Food VS Alive Food

In a one day water fast, you must only drink water for 24 hours. No solid food or other liquids that contain nutrition such as fruit juice or milk are allowed — only pure mineral water.

Make sure to end your fast at the time you’ve designated and then take it slowly, being very mindful of how much you eat. 

You should only eat half of your regular portion size directly after a fast. Your digestive system is on low-power mode, and it won’t be able to handle large portions. You should also eat light foods like fruits, vegetables, and soup. Water and fruit juices are also important.

Fasting has a significant impact on your blood sugar levels and people with diabetes, especially those on insulin, should not fast!

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