What Do You Feed your Mind?


From morning till night, consciously or unconsciously, you fill your mind with a variety of thoughts. Think about the world we live in today. If you don’t watch what you let into your mind, then you are allowing weeds to grow and to spread. Imagine all of the negative thoughts you have about yourself or from others. What do you think that does to your mind or even your soul over time? But don’t worry, there is a solution.

You are in control of what enters your head!

If we control our input and feed our minds with the right thoughts, everything else improves.

What advantages do the negative thoughts have for you? At best, they stop you from enjoying your life fully, at worst, they can destroy it completely.

Bad thoughts are like what some people call “junk food”. Junk food is unhealthy, and so are bad thoughts. They have no value for your mind, body, spirit or life. Therefore, you shouldn’t waste your time digesting these “junk food” thoughts.

What you feed your mind in the way of ideas is what you become. So you’d better make sure those thoughts and ideas are nourishing. Why not have positive thoughts, instead of the negative? Here are 3 simple steps to eliminating negative thought patterns:



1. Avoid negative people, places, music, websites, news, and anything that make you feel bad and negative.

Focusing on negativity doesn’t take you to a positive place. It only brings you down. Spending your time with negative people and listening to what they say, not only wastes your time but also ruins your life and potentially your future. Avoid people who make you feel bad and avoid those who don’t give you a good sense of purpose.

2. Throughout your day, kill negative self-talk. The root of anxiousness is often our internal dialogue. Just as you would turn off a TV program that disturbs you, realise that self-doubt is just a conversation you can end.

3. Visualise positive events.
By taking just five minutes each morning to visualise success, you train your brain to accept that you are capable of handling success. By visualising each step of your journey, you are preparing your mind to handle opportunity.

Eventually, these small changes will add up in a huge way. You will become more in control of your thoughts, more in command of your environment, and more conscious of the ways you can elevate your life and find new opportunities for improvement.


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