What you can do in your 30s to feel healthier in your 50s


Listen to “What you can do in your 30s to feel healthier in your 50s”.

The changes you make now will build the foundations for your future health. You’ll be so glad you took care of yourself when you discover that you’re healthier and happier at fifty than many of your peers. 

Here are some basics which are worth thinking about.


It’s going to take a little willpower, but you can do it. Exercising for thirty minutes a day, three times a week, can reduce your risk of cancer and other diseases. You’ll feel less stressed and maintain freedom of movement much longer than those who don’t make the effort. 

You don’t have to run a marathon to experience substantial benefits from exercise; you just need to get moving. You’ll look younger with your lean, shaped and muscular body. You’ll also have fewer health problems.

Do not smoke

Stop smoking if you do or at least reduce the number of cigarettes to 2-3 a week. Stopping smoking will help you to avoid major health problems and give you better skin. Smoking ages the skin, especially on the face, and destroys the lungs.

Choose quality over quantity

Stop buying junk! Your home will be a happier place if you only bring in things you love. That goes for clothes, food, home decor and any other material possessions you buy.

How Clutter causes Stress and Anxiety

Develop a self-care routine

Give yourself permission to have some ‘me’ time. You don’t need to draw an Instagram worthy bath or splurge on a spa day; the important thing is establishing a habit that makes you happy.

Pay attention to your mental health

Another important aspect of general well-being is mental health. The state of your mental well-being directly affects the way your body feels and functions. 

Protecting your mental well-being is one of the best things you can do for yourself, so make it a priority to live a healthy, happy, and productive life. 

You are a sum of your experiences, and your 30s is a great time to reflect on the issues which are holding you back.

As you begin to age, you are introduced to an unending list of rules about what you should say, how you should be, and what you should do. These notions result in you limiting yourself and can prevent you from realizing your full potential.

Improve Your Life by Removing Subconscious Negativity

While you do have to live by some rules, you mustn’t hold yourself back from living a full life. Limiting beliefs can have many adverse effects on you. They could keep you from making good choices, taking new opportunities, or reaching your potential. 

Ultimately, limiting beliefs can keep you stuck in a negative state of mind and hinder you from living the life you truly desire. 

There are many ways to get rid of these limitations and inner troubles such as regular meditations, spiritual practices, healing techniques or classical therapy sessions.