3 Realistic Steps to Help Transform your Life


Listen to “3 Realistic Steps to Help Transform your Life”.

Transformations don’t happen by luck or accident; they require work and dedication. You are responsible for the changes that you make in your life. Transforming your life is a process that starts and ends with you.It can be scary and challenging, but it can also be very exciting and massively rewarding. 

Life happens from the inside out. Transformational change occurs when our foundational understanding of ourselves and the world around us significantly shifts. Transformations occur when we go beyond the bounds of our current understanding and awareness. As you change and grow, your life will also change and flourish.

Happiness is a Natural State of Mind

Self Love = Self Care

If you don’t love yourself, then you won’t take care of yourself as well as you should. More importantly, when you have healthy levels of self-respect, you will be able to talk to yourself compassionately and feel proud of your authentic self. 

Many of us put others’ needs before our own, but how can you truly learn to appreciate and help others if you can’t even appreciate yourself?

Practising self-respect can benefit your life in many ways, no matter what you prioritise in life. Here are 3 steps to start transforming your life today. 

1. Transform negative beliefs into positive ones

Negative beliefs include any self-limiting and self-critical ideas that you may have about yourself. These can weaken your sense of self-worth and prevent you from taking advantage of positive experiences, opportunities, or relationships. 

Sometimes your mind automatically repeats negative thoughts and patterns so often that you start to believe them. However, these thought habits are learned, which means they can be unlearned.

2. Body and mind discipline

No one would question that, as individuals, we are responsible for our own health. After all, we are the only ones who can change our behaviour and habits. If you focus on keeping your body healthy, your mind will reap the rewards. 

A disciplined, healthy lifestyle is beneficial to maintaining your mental health. The first step towards maintaining a healthy weight is to forget about the diet and lose the diet mindset. Instead, think about a ‘healthy eating program’ based on self-love and self-care that you could live with and enjoy for the rest of your life.

Making the conscious decision to remove processed food from your diet and basing your meals on natural foods will allow you to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Food Industry: How to Make Healthy Choices?

Try to incorporate stress-reducing practices into your weekly routine. You can try deep breathing, meditation, yoga or any other exercises you find relaxing. 

Exercising for thirty minutes a day, three times a week, is a must to keep your weight in the healthy range and your self-esteem and mood high. You’ll also feel less stressed and maintain freedom of movement for much longer than those who don’t make an effort. 

3. Create a positive outlook for yourself and your life

Here are some inspiring positive affirmations to help you get started:

  • I choose to be happy.
  • My happy thoughts help create my healthy body.
  • My life is taking place right here, right now.
  • I am in perfect health. Wellness is the natural state of my body.
  • I choose to rise above negative feelings and eliminate negative thoughts.
  • I am resilient, strong, and brave.
  • Nobody but me decides how I feel.
  • I am in charge of my thoughts, and I don’t judge myself.
  • I accept and love myself, wholly and thoroughly.
  • I choose only to think good thoughts.

If you find it challenging to get started, you can try Positive Affirmation for Negative Thoughts, which is available in the DeepH app in the meditation section. It will help you to separate yourself from the cycle of negative thoughts and remove their power over you.

While practising positive affirmations, take deep, slow, soothing breaths. As you become more attuned to the flow of your breathing, try not to let your feelings distract you. Try it today and see just how much your life improves.