Cleanse your Mind with a Mental Detox


Listen to “Cleanse your Mind with a Mental Detox“.

Detoxification is a natural cleansing process that occurs in the environment and our bodies. Science has taught us that the rain washes pollution out of the air and our livers metabolize and secrete potentially harmful biochemical products produced by the body. 

However, toxins are not only in the air we breathe and in the food we eat, but also in the mental environment that surrounds us. Mental and emotional toxins often go unnoticed, but it’s essential to cleanse our minds too; especially in this era of digital overload. 

For years you have probably bombarded your brain with all kinds of things, such as social media, other people’s problems, recurrent thoughts of your life events, and bottled up pain and frustration.

What Do You Feed your Mind?

Here are some simple steps to starting your mental detox: 

1. Identify negative thoughts 

We can’t change what we can’t see. The reason we want to be mindful is so that we can clearly see when there are toxic thoughts in our minds. They drain our energy, exhaust us, cause fear and worry, and block us from creative solutions and joyful experiences.

When you can be present with your thoughts, don’t judge them, just observe them as thoughts that are not happiness, not love, and not aligned with who you really are. After all, they are just thoughts, and you don’t have to believe everything you think. 

Start by using an intention, e.g. “I’m willing to see this differently.” Then, shift your physical position every time you start falling back into toxic thought cycles. This basically creates a new experience for your body and refocuses you in the moment. Expect a subtle shift in your mind and energy when becoming more conscious. 

2. Restructure your digital life

It’s not realistic to disconnect from the online world, but it’s also not realistic to open yourself up to negativity and expect it not to affect you. 

Start by unfollowing the things which cause you to feel negative. Then, begin following more things that make you happy.

3. Clean up!  

Our physical space, and the objects that fill it give us, and others, a sense of who we are, what we value, and what we have accomplished. Research has shown that a cluttered home can also lead to mental clutter and, if the mess gets out of hand, it could lead to physical and mental health issues. Seeing clutter all around us is mentally exhausting and makes us feel tense.  

4. Meditate 

If you want to manage stress effectively and improve your health, consider the scientifically proven practice of meditation. Used for thousands of years, meditation is regarded as a complementary mind-body medicine and a tool to help cleanse and detox your mind. 

Just a few minutes of daily meditation can refocus your mind, restore your inner peace and give you a sense of calm. 

Anyone can practice meditation anywhere. It doesn’t cost anything, and the only piece of special equipment required is you! 

There are meditation centres and group classes led by trained instructors all around the world, so there’s sure to be one near you.

You can also practice meditation on your own, using apps for guidance. We’ve even developed a meditation session which available on our DeepH app.

Scientific Benefits of Meditation: What the Research Tells Us

4. Rest

There is nothing like a good night’s rest. Create an environment that you can relax in. Try turning your room into a sleep sanctuary where you can rest peacefully. Have fun finding out what works best for you and remember, the goal is for you to relax.

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