How to build harmonious relationships with food

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When your work week is eventful and full of emotions, proper nutrition is the best way to take care of your body. However, it is not that easy to follow the recommendations of nutritionists. Unfortunately, most often, we systematically harm our health and well-being. Why is it so difficult for us to build harmonious relations with food? The are several reasons.


o Food replaces the satisfaction of real needs. Ask yourself, “Am I hungry or is it something else?” You have to listen to yourself and feel your real need. Often people compensate the lack of something meaningful in their lives (recognition, relationships, etc.) with food. And if a food intake is not directed on the satisfaction of our basic need (hunger), it is very hard to control weight.


o All of us have our favorite meals associated with memories, feelings, and rituals. For an infant, the food reflects mother’s attention and love. Food can also be associated with a holiday. Just remember that special cake your grandmother baked for special occasions. Moreover, food can bring back your memories of good old times, warmth, and delicious home-made family dinners. We unconsciously repeat the food traditions of our parents in our adult life, when everything is good or when something is missing.


o When you have no time for a proper meal. Here we refer to fast food and “meals in a hurry.” The nutritionists say that when we are in a rush, we do not taste the food properly and cannot control the feeling of satiety.


o If you do not understand what you want to eat. That is also an example of being inattentive to yourself and your needs. It’s hard to stoke up if you eat what caught your eyes first.


o If you feel guilty when you fail. It is not so difficult to start eating consciously. It is difficult not to feel guilty when old habits gain the upper hand. Use this simple technique to work it out. Identify situations that cause you to overeat. For example, an important presentation on Monday. While preparing, you are ready to eat all the sweets in the house. Think, what will you do next time to break this habit. For example, take a short break for an exercise on an ergo cycle in a moment of stress. It is important to determine a new behavior pattern in advance and automatically “set the wheels in motion” in a relevant situation.


Stay in touch with yourself and treat food as … food. Stay healthy, live DeepH