How to Stop Negative Thinking and Why it is Important


Listen to “How to Stop Negative Thinking and Why it is Important”.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and crushed by a negative situation, and to give up before you give yourself a significant chance to rebound. It’s at these times that you are at your most vulnerable; your emotional warning system is at red alert and you can easily enter the negative zone where it seems like the entire world is against you. That’s when the launching of fearful, destructive thoughts begins. It’s at these times especially that you must be hyper aware of both your mental and verbal output.  Whenever something is spoken, there is an emotion of one sort or another attached to those words. Think of the last time you were angry. You didn’t just say some sentences out loud about how you were feeling. Your words, I’m guessing, were said very powerfully and full of emotion.

Certainly there are valid reasons for bad feelings to occur during difficult times, and it takes an incredible amount of fortitude to give thanks for the good things when so much is lost. If you’re always thinking about how badly life is treating you, if you are always telling stories about how you can’t get a fair shake, you will always feel miserable.

Cleanse your Mind with a Mental Detox

The good news is you don’t have to feel victim to either one. You do have a say over which thoughts to pay attention to. It may not always feel like this is the case since your thinking patterns become so habitual, but with a little awareness and some time, you can replace negative thoughts with more positive ones.

What really matters is your underlying belief about that you really think. To change the world with your thoughts, you must think with coherent intention.

This means you must…

  • Think the same thing every day
  • Fully believe in your thoughts
  • Match your actions to your thoughts, and more importantly…
  • Conduct your life in a manner that is entirely congruent with your thoughts
Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life

Sometimes your thoughts can seem so loud that the best thing to do is to change your physical surroundings. Take a walk in nature, go for a run, or meet up with a friend. The point is to engage in something other than the negative cycle so that you can come back to the problem later when you’re in a clearer headspace. 

Negative thinking patterns, particularly when they’ve become habitual, can be hard to break. Patterns that have been in place for years won’t be undone overnight so it’s essential to be compassionate and patient with yourself as you work through them.

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