These 4 Things are Draining your Energy – Here’s How to Fix Them


We are the product of our everyday habits, and every day we make choices about whether or not we want to improve ourselves. It’s time to break the habits that have been holding you back and respect yourself enough to let go of the mindsets and routines that have been sucking you dry. 

Here are 4 surprising things that are draining your energy, without you even knowing it. 

1. Toxic People  

Have you ever had people in your life who seem to drain your emotional and mental energy whenever you’re around them?

Your energy has been leached, especially when someone has been talking at you, instead of with you. Just being around toxic behaviour, to say nothing of being its target, makes people sick. 

Strengthen ties with friends and others you trust. Relationships with people who treat you with respect can buffer you from stress and help balance your perspective. Find activities that take you away from toxic people and environments.

2. Worrying Without Acting 

Worry is the enemy of the present. It does nothing but steal your joy and keep you busy doing absolutely nothing. It’s like using your imagination to create things you don’t want.  

Break this negative habit! It’s far better to be exhausted from effort than tired of worrying. Don’t waste your energy avoiding effort. 

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3. Letting negative thoughts get the better of you

Don’t believe everything you hear, even in your own head. Choose to be miserable, and you’ll find plenty of reasons to be unhappy.  

Choose to be happy you’ll find plenty of reasons to be happy.  

Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. It’s time to break this negative habit. Talk about the things you enjoy, your loves and dreams instead.  

4. Lifestyle

Your diet and physical activity are the main contributing factors to your energy levels. It’s the ultimate paradox – You’re too tired to exercise, but the lack of exercise is what’s making you tired in the first place.

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Regular, low-intensity exercise can increase your energy levels by as much as 20% and decrease fatigue by 65%. So, get moving! Every little helps and can lead to a desire to move more. 

You should also be acutely aware of what you eat and cut carbohydrates and bad fats from your diet, making sure you don’t go over 2500 calories a day. 

If you can relate to any of these toxic habits, remember, you are not alone. We all get caught up in our own heads sometimes and do things that hold us back from our true potential. The key to breaking these habits is awareness. By recognizing where we are going wrong, we can begin to change our path and continue on the road to positive improvement.