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4. February 2020
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How to Combat Negative Thoughts Before Sleep

Listen to “How to Combat Negative Thoughts Before Sleep”.

Poor sleep affects everything, from health to emotional intelligence. Researchers have found that, in our over-caffeinated, overworked and gadget-addicted society, people are getting two hours a night less sleep than they did in the 1960s. As a result, our health is rapidly deteriorating. 

Why do our thoughts become more negative before we go to bed? 

You know the drill. You’re lying in bed, exhausted and longing for sleep. But it seems your brain has other ideas. For many people, particularly young parents and those who work long hours, the time before bed may be the only chance they have to reflect on the day.

This can create a backlog of thoughts which all come flooding in at once. Not only can these thoughts prevent you from sleeping, but the negativity they produce can be made worse if you are consistently not getting enough sleep. 

Our brains are really good at focusing on negative stuff, regardless of our positive experiences. During the day, we have dozens of tasks which drain our energy. Bedtime brings a halt to the day’s activity which can be a difficult transition for our brains.

How to Stop Negative Thinking and Why it is Important

Don’t worry though, there are some simple ways to combat these sleep-depriving thoughts:

Positive Thinking Through Mindfulness

Shifting the brain’s attention to less stressful thoughts can help you to calm your mind. Mindfulness training enables you to observe your thoughts, rather than getting involved in them. It’s like stepping back and witnessing your thoughts and feelings, without getting swept up in them. 

When you notice a negative thought trying to intrude, simply imagine placing that thought inside a cloud and then watch that cloud float away.

Mend your Mind Through Meditation

Meditation can be extremely beneficial for a good night’s sleep. If you’re new to meditation, then try downloading the DeepH app. It offers unique sound sleep meditation, which is perfect for dealing with negative thoughts and getting a better night’s sleep.

How Meditation can Ease your Mind, Body and Soul

Ditch the Distractions

Keep your bedroom cool, dark, and quiet, without distractions like TV or a computer. Avoid using electronic devices in bed as the light from the screens can trick your brain into thinking it is daytime. If your mattress is uncomfortable, replace it.

Think Positive

Visualizing positive events and relationships in your life will help you increase your connection to positive emotions that are lying dormant. It’s important to work at accessing them when anxious feelings or thoughts have already shown up.

Expect the Unexpected

Accepting uncertainty is crucial, otherwise you’ll only add to the tension. Try repeating the phrase ‘I accept uncertainty for now. I will take action when action is possible’, 

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